Norval Foundation – South Africa’s New Art Destination

When Norval Foundation opens in Steenberg, Cape Town on 28 April 2018, art and culture…

‘Projected Heritage’ by by Elizabeth Miller-Vermeulen at IS Art Gallery

The exhibition meaningfully titled ‘Projected Heritage’ will be opening at IS Art Gallery on Sunday 6th…

Interfaith City Walk

Gwynne Robins and Mohammad Groenewald take you on a journey to the Religious Heart of the City.

2016 Green White Wine Award Winners Route

Neil Piper takes you to 5 award winning wine estates.

Secret Spots

Visit secrets spots in Cape Town. Discover this beautiful city.

The Woman’s Circle-in-the-City

Nancy Richards shares her Women’s Circle-in-the-City Route.

Jewish City Walking Route

Gavin Morris, the Director of the SA Jewish Museum, suggests that this walk is a good start to connect with the local Jewish narrative past and present.

2016 Green Red Wine Award Winners Route

Neil Piper takes you to 6 award winning wine estates.