Gertrude Stein and A Companion at Alexander Upstairs Theatre

This evocative and witty play, at the Alexander Upstairs Theatre,  'Gertrude Stein and A Companion' explores the…

Zeitz MOCAA presents ‘Human Nature’ by Ruby Swinney

On  1 June 2018, Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa (Zeitz MOCAA) opened a new…

Interfaith City Walk

Gwynne Robins and Mohammad Groenewald take you on a journey to the Religious Heart of the City.

The Woman’s Circle-in-the-City

Nancy Richards shares her Women’s Circle-in-the-City Route.

Instant Culture & Heritage Route

This is a snap intro to what’s in walking distance from the Cape Town International Convention Centre.

2016 Green White Wine Award Winners Route

Neil Piper takes you to 5 award winning wine estates.

2016 Green Red Wine Award Winners Route

Neil Piper takes you to 6 award winning wine estates.

Secret Spots

Visit secrets spots in Cape Town. Discover this beautiful city.