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If the question is “where can I find……?” then the answer is “at mapmyway”.

The word ‘map’ tells you that you will be shown the way. has been specifically created to take you to where you want to go – it’s about finding your way to places and events that meet your personal needs and interests.

Since 1988 A & C Maps cc has been publishing special interest map guides, focusing mostly on Cape Town and surrounds. We have assembled a large and informed database. Through the new mapmyway website we can share this extensive store of knowledge with you, so that you can make informed choices and create your own personalised routes.

The Arts + Crafts Map has been published annually since 1988, showing you where to find great art and direct you to the City’s cultural treasures. The Food Map followed soon after and ensures that you locate good food and wine, whether it’s a casual eatery or seriously fine dining. Then came the Pink Map – the gay guide to the city.

With Cape Town Tourism, a series of area maps covering Cape Town was produced for the 2010 FIFA Soccer World Cup (c). The Cape Town Green Map grew out of Green Goal 2010, the environmental programme of the 2010 World Cup. A & C Maps in partnership with the City of Cape Town developed the website and has published several editions of the print map. A Cape Town Kids Map, the Darwin Map and an Islamic Map to Cape Town are other current titles.

Cape Town Green Map was included in the bid book for the World Design Capital 2014. Having been awarded that status in 2012, we have undertaken to ensure that information about Cape Town would reflect the City’s World Design Capital designation.

Together with the team at Design Infestation, who have designed all of A & C’s maps for the past 10 years, product designer Felix Holm of Handmadechange and website developer Justin Slack, the mapmyway site has evolved to show you the way around Cape Town.

For example, you will be able to

  • select routes based on themes, specific areas of interest and events
  • discover what might be close to where you are right now,
  • be informed about what’s hot and happening in and around Cape Town is a one-stop, user-friendly, personal information centre. And the print maps will be available through Cape Town Tourism Visitor Information Centres (including Cape Town International), leading hotels and listings on the map. Nationally, selected maps will be available through the Mail & Guardian – Africa’s best read.

Meet the mapmyway team

A & C Maps cc

T +27 21 685 4260 E

Montebello Design Centre, 31 Newlands Ave, Newlands 7700, South Africa

Philip Todres CEO keeps his finger on the pulse of what’s happening in the Mother City. Besides delving into what and where to keep the maps up to date, Philip can be heard conducting interviews for Cape Diary on FMR 101.3fm. mapmyway is his perfect excuse to ensure that he does not miss out on what’s happening in Cape Town.

Jenny Strachan is the office administrator and Bev Armstrong focuses on the Arts + Crafts Map, Food Map and Pink Map, while checking what other places might be of potential interest.

Curiosity is the team’s common denominator.

Design Infestation

T +27 21 461 8601 E

Design Infestation is a communications and marketing studio focusing on graphic design solutions. Based in the heart of the city of Cape Town, Infestation’s passion is their clients and the mother city they call home. And if they can combine the two, they feel like the preverbial “pigs in mud”. They got this opportunity when they had the priviledge of working on the bid book for Cape Town’s entry for the designation of World Design Capital 2014. With a passionate team of project designers and support staff, Infestation is the agency of choice for many corporates and private clients around the country and beyond.

Felix Holm

Felix Holm is a Project Manager in the Exhibition and events industries and a small businesses development consultant. Based in Cape Town he works on projects all over rural Southern Africa, and large international pavilions and world fairs.

Justin Slack

Justin Slack is a freelance web designer and front-end developer with over a decade of experience. Based in Cape Town, he has worked for a number of local and international clients including New Media Labs, Avusa, Platform 45 and Princeton University.

ABOUT mapmyway has been specifically created to take you to where you want to go – it’s about finding your way to places and events that meet your personal needs and interests.

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