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Violence Prevention Urban Upgrade

Safety is a key aspect related to mobility, and ranges from integrated safety devices in modern vehicles, to the design of safe pedestrian walkways like the Violence Prevention Urban Upgrade (VPUU) project, which was initiated in 2006. The VPUU is an example of design that can transform the life of residents living in poor circumstances, such as the people living in the township Khayelitsha. The VPUU Harare Urban Park is situated within the Harare neighbourhood. Prior to the development of this site as a public space, it was considered to be a crime hotspot, unsafe for walking and often used as an illegal dumping ground. In the past Harare had some of the highest murder and rape statistics in SA.

By improving the overall environment within the community, there was a 24% drop in crime in one year, and an overall drop of 40% in Harare, Khayelitsha.

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Harare, Cape Town

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