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Bonham's London names Ablade Glover as one of the founding fathers of modern African art. Indivisible showcases some of Ablade Glover’s colourful paintings in which people conglomerate in numbers, at the marketplace, civil protests, during mass prayers and carnival festivities. These are impressive urban topographies, so bustling and captivating sceneries that

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"Please join us for a glass of wine on Thursday the 28th of January at 6:30pm for the opening of  Night + Day by Aldo Balding", reads the invite from Christopher Moller Gallery. This will be the artist’s third annual solo exhibition in South Africa, proudly hosted by the Christopher Moller Gallery. Aldo Balding was born and raised in the United Kingdom and

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Hit the opening of SATARA, a solo exhibition by Jaco Roux, at the Christopher Moller Gallery this First Thursdays. Ashraf Jamal (Art critic) - ‘Jaco Roux’s new body of work, a series of Limpopo landscapes spliced together with abstraction in the form of blocks and planes of colour, in what has become a signature of Jaco Roux. His works offer us the viewer a fresh,

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