100 Colourful Wall Murals change the face of Delft

By MapMyWay
14 December 2018

Delft Mural Project
The Delft Mural Project

Delft artists aim to uplift and connect community through mural art.

Following months of planning, learning and painting, The Delft Mural Project was celebrated with a certificate ceremony held at the Nelson Mandela Peace Park in Delft, to give recognition to the local artists for the skills they have mastered and their dedication to uplift the community.

The Delft Mural Project is part of a larger landscape upgrade project by ARLA Consulting Landscape Architects, funded by the Western Cape Government: Department of Human Settlement (DHS).

Thembile Xalubane, Plants and Animals

Thembile Xalubane, Plants and Animals

The aim of the project, as per DHS, was to enhance the urban fabric and to improve the general aesthetic of the area. The project was facilitated by four artists: Janet Ranson, Gary Frier, Velile Soha and Scott Eric Williams, who have been working with the community on all the art installations. Since May 2018 to date, the team consisting of more than twenty local artists, have painted over 100 murals in Delft, stretching from Symphony Way in the West, Baleles Road in the North, Mallard Street in the East and Loma Street in the South.

Antoinette de Beer, Founder of ARLA Consulting Landscape Architects enthuses, “Studies have found that the aesthetics of a place — its art, parks and green spaces, ranked higher than education, safety and the local economy as a driver of attachment.” She added, ‘We look forward to next year when we hope to implement the second part of the project, which will include street tree planting, several parks and a sports precinct.’

WHERE: Symphony Way in the West, Baleles Road in the North, Mallard Street in the East and Loma Street in the South, Delft, Cape Town 7102

LEAD PHOTO:  (From Left) Delft artists, Mabhuti Tyesl, TBC, Zuko Jukuda and Lewis Mkanjawa blooming in front of their art installation, themed Growth.

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