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16 Artful Rhinos – artistic brilliance, conservation & fundraising

by | Jan 6, 2024 | Arts & Culture, Entertainment, Green, News | 0 comments

16 South African artists invited to create their very own rhino sculpture

Explore all 16 Artful Rhinos on exhibition at the V&A Waterfront, select your favorite, and treat yourself to a T-Shirt or Hoodie featuring your chosen design!

Picture immersing yourself amidst a gathering of colourful, vibrant and serene Rhinos, captivating the audience at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town. What a splendid way to commence 2024, right?

The distinguished assembly of artists, enthusiastic individuals, and the entire V&A Waterfront team extend a warm invitation to you.

Situated at Upper Entrance 2, this expansive area is surrounded by renowned sporting and fashion brands, adjacent to the popular restaurant Col’Cacchio, known for serving fantastic pizza.


UNVEILING A FUNDRAISING INITIATIVE THROUGH A CREATIVE PARTNERSHIP AT THE V&A WATERFRONT with ARTISTS and like-minded people through an entertaining T-Shirt and Hoodie project!

The Emerging Artists Development Trust (EADT) has introduced a remarkable collaboration at the intersection of art, wildlife, and philanthropy, aiming to raise awareness and funds for two charitable causes: saving rhinos and supporting emerging artists. This entertaining project will have a temporary presence at the renowned V&A Waterfront and promises a unique fusion of artistic brilliance and conservation efforts that will resonate with art enthusiasts, fashionistas, and wildlife conservationists.

16 artists from South Africa have been invited to create their very own rhino sculpture – and it is not the rhinos outside which some of you might know. The artists were asked to infuse these special creatures with their unique styles and visions and it will be the first exhibition of their response to this invitation. The Artists Gallery in Cape Town, a gallery co-founded and run by artists, located on 34 Bree Street, assisted in the selection process of the artists.

  • The result: Captivating, once-off masterpieces with an infinite impact.

The exhibition is not the only exciting part. The part where you and the rest of the world should be part of is the collaboration with the authorized Clothing Distributor Bertuzzi Distribution (Pty) Ltd. Together with the artists and operational team, they assist us with the first and once-off ‘Pop-Up T-Shirt Station’ at the V&A Waterfront.

Visitors will have the opportunity to purchase t-shirts and hoodies adorned with their favourite rhino artwork.
  Choose your rhino.
    Have it printed.
      Wear it.
        Create change!

WHAT: Artful RHINOS – Exhibition & LIVE printing
WHERE: V&A Waterfront, Lampside Court on the 1st floor, Cape Town 8001
WHEN: 7 – 2 8 January 2024, daily 11 am – 7 pm | and see Email option below
INFO: VISIT |  Artists Gallery – Jaret Loggenberg and Barbara Lenhard: T 064 758 1714 | E | Visit
PRICE: Here are the prices and you have option to order HERE
Adult T-Shirts: ZAR 450.  |  Kids T-Shirts: ZAR 390.  |  Hoodies: ZAR 980.

Artful Rhinos

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