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Preview: Food Market Tour

by | Mar 24, 2014 | News | 0 comments

Watch out for a series of daily articles, each of which will feature a different Cape Town food market I’ll be visiting, writes intrepid intern Douglas Hinkel.

As described in my article in Cape Town Green Map Now Trending:  #organic, there has been a spike in the popularity of food markets, especially those promoting themselves as “organic.”  (Note:  few vendors are actually certified organic.)
With such a vast selection of food markets located around the Mother City, each is trying to separate itself from the field.  For example, the Waterfront Food Market has plans for a new “culture through food” campaign, while the City Bowl Market offers a monthly clothing swap and Saturday morning food classes.
The large presence of food markets makes choosing which market to visit a somewhat overwhelming decision. Don’t worry!  I am here to help.
I have chosen seven different markets – one for each day of the week – that I believe are worth your time.  If it is possible, I focused my attention toward the “greenest” vendors, preferably those that were certified organic.  (Note #2: even though most are not certified organic, many vendors are still making a conscious effort to implement sustainable practices.)
Check back Monday for the first posting in my seven-day market tour.  Until then, enjoy the long holiday weekend, and, if you make it to any food markets, send me your thoughts!

Keeping you up2date on Cape Town’s latest, I am Douglas Calvin Hinkel giving you one more reason why #welovecapetown

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