SANG Friends Visit exhibition of Japanese art at Ebony/Curated

By MapMyWay
11 June 2018

Tsunagiri exhibition of Japanese art at Ebony/Curated, Franschhoek

The Friends of the South African National Gallery (SANG) are excited to announce a walkabout of the the Harrison Collection of Japanese Art by the collector, at Ebony/Curated, Franschhoek. The exhibition at the Ebony Gallery is titled Tsunagiri.

Anthony Harrison has amassed one of the most significant collections of Japanese scrolls on the African continent, with over 100 scrolls spanning 400 years of Japanese art from the 16th to 20th Century.

Selected works on exhibition encompass fine examples of works by artists and monks and gives the viewer an insight into the world of the Shoguns, exploration of Zen and the cultural shift that represented Japan’s admission to the outside world in 1868.

Japanese scrolls, or kakejiku (掛軸) – also kakemono (掛物) – means “hung scroll”, for the painting or calligraphy is mounted on a flexible backing so that it can be rolled up for storage. Kakejiku are not intended to be hung permanently, for one of the pleasures of collecting them is selecting the right one(s) for the occasion, season and or viewing guests. The maruhyoso style of kakejiku have silk fabric edges in four distinct and named sections. The top section is called the ten or heaven; the bottom, the chi or earth; the hashira or pillars support heaven and earth on the sides. The ten section is longer than the chi, because the scroll was traditionally viewed from a kneeling position and the differing lengths provide the correct perspective. Whilst kneeling is no longer widely practiced today, the tradition of the differing lengths continues.

Anthony Harrison is a passionate and knowledgeable collector. This walkabout is a rare opportunity to learn about this refined and fascinating art from him.

WHEN: Saturday 16th June – 11.00am to 12:30pm including a glass of wine
WHERE: Ebony/Curated, Bordeaux House, 4 Bordeaux Street, Franschhoek 7690
TICKETS: R100 for members; R120 for non-members; R50 for student non-members; R20 for student members