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50 Things To Do in Cape Town for Under R50

by | Dec 27, 2019 | Arts & Culture, Entertainment, Green | 0 comments

Cape Town Tourism suggests 50 Things To Do in Cape Town for Under R50.  It shows the many ways to enjoy Cape Town without spending a fortune. Be kind to your pocket and make the most of Cape Town without breaking the bank.

To save even more money on your trip, get hold of a City iVenture Pass card for generous discounts or free entry to Cape Town’s top attractions.  You can buy your iVenture Pass card  here –  One Pass, 90+ Attractions in Cape Town!

iventure card, 50 things

Here are 10 of the 50 things to do in Cape Town for R50 or less.  For the full list click here.


Cost: R15-R50

Taste your way through Langa and Khayelitsha, where a mix of traditional and western food can be found. Siki’s Koffee Kafe is a hub for local entrepreneurs and serves delicious coffees. The Spinach King, situated just around the corner from Khayelitsha station, sells delicious spinach bread, muffins and sandwiches made from locally grown spinach. In Langa, Fanie’s Place is the perfect spot to drop in for a couple of drinks. A favourite stop among tourists is the Khayelitsha Craft Market. Here visitors will find a selection of pottery, beadwork, baskets, paintings, curios, and other hand crafted items made of everything from plastic shopping bags, soft drink cans, wire, stone, scrap metal, and traditional beadwork. For more information on Curated Routes in Khayelitsha, see the Khayelitsha Map.


Cost: R35 for the hop-on, hop-off ticket

The Southern Line Metrorail route stretches between Cape Town and Simon’s Town. Besides it being a great way of getting from A to B, it’s also a relaxing way of seeing Cape Town’s varied scenes. The part of the journey between Muizenberg and Simon’s Town winds along the edge of the ocean and the views are brilliant. Buy the hop-on, hop-off ticket and stop at Muizenberg for a surf; Kalky’s in Kalk Bay for some mouth-watering fish and chips; and Simonstown for a trip to Boulders Beach for a visit with the penguins (this visit to the penguins will cost extra).

See the Cape Point Art Route for some smart ideas.


Cost: R12 entry for adults and R6 for kids

Rondevlei is an unexpected treasure situated within the Cape Town suburb of Grassy Park, about 20 min drive from the city centre. Home to some 256 species of indigenous plants, it spans 290 hectares and has a museum, a network of footpaths, viewing towers, and several bird hides. It is also home to – wait for it – Hippopotami as well as 20 other mammal species, including the Cape Grysbok Porcupine, Cape Clawless Otter and Large-Spotted Genet. And recently, a herd of Eland was released into the reserve. It makes for a really great family outing. Don’t forget to pack your picnic.  See 24 on the Think Water – Cape Town Green Map.


Cost: R16 for a guided tour

The bright white Slangkoppunt (Snake Head Point) Lighthouse, situated on the coast in the South Peninsula, is the tallest cast iron lighthouse in South Africa. The internal spiral staircase you will climb during the guided tour takes you up 100 feet from the bottom to the balcony. The views from the top are entirely worth it. The tour will leave you with all sorts of interesting facts including the reason for South Africa being one of the few remaining places to retain actual Light House Keepers.


Cost: It’s free to visit

The Company’s Garden is situated right in the city centre of Cape Town – see 08 on the Think Water – Cape Town Green Map . It was planted by the Dutch East India Company in 1652 to produce fresh fruit and vegetables for the ships that were sailing along the spice trade route between Europe and the East Indies, via Cape Town. Today it is home to the oldest cultivated pear tree in South Africa, said to have been planted in 1652; a rose garden built in 1929; an aviary with a variety of birds and many other interesting landmarks. It’s also well-known for the resident and perpetually hungry squirrels, so take along some peanuts to feed to them. What’s more the garden offers free wireless.


Cost: Free – just grab a map and go!

The V&A Waterfront, situated at the heart of Cape Town’s working harbour, has a rich and varied history that can be traced back as far as 1654. A great way to discover the stories of this iconic site’s past and its’ 22 landmarks is to do a self-guided historic walk. Simply grab a map at the Information Centre and off you go. And if you get hungry or thirsty along the way, there are plenty of food and drink places to choose from. A stop at The Creamery at the V&A Food Market for a scoop of their handmade peanut butter ice-cream is a must!

More Info: Your Neighbourhood Guide to the V&A Waterfront


Cost: Free

A unique space in the middle of an urban environment, the Green Point Urban Park is a fantastic, family-friendly place for a picnic, walk, run or for simply lazing around. There is an outdoor gym, a play park, adventure park and outdoor labyrinth. There are different plant species within the area as well as information about them. Cape Town Green Map has produced a VoiceMap to walk you through the Green Point Urban Park.  Discover how a dysfunctional public space was transformed into a vibrant people’s park. Green Map’s Philip Todres introduces you to Peter van Heerden, Spatial Planner and Project Manager at City of Cape Town, who provides fascinating insights. Horticulturist Marijke Honig walks you through the Biodiversity Showcase Garden she designed.

Access to the park is via Bill Peters drive, Bay Road or Helen Suzman Boulevard.


Cost: R30

Great for beginners and group rides, the tracks at Meerendal are flat and easy to navigate. You start with a bit of an uphill, but then it takes you to the first stretch of single track and onto a zig-zagging uphill that can prove tough on novices. There are spectacular views to take in along the way.

For more information about Meereendal and other Cycle Routes – see the Cape Town Green CYCLE Map.


Cost: R40 per person

The Labia Theatre entices people with its old movie theatre charm. It was originally an Italian embassy ballroom and is widely recognised as the oldest independent art-repertory cinema in South Africa. The theatre screens art movies and hosts various interesting film festivals throughout the year. Go here for great movies that you won’t find in the mainstream movie houses.  The Labia Art Movie House is featured on the 2020 Arts + Crafts Map


Cost: Between R20 and R50

There are many Iziko Museums in Cape Town and all offer insight into South Africa’s natural and cultural history. The exhibits range from 700-million-year-old fossils to insects and fish, dinosaurs and wildlife menageries as well as everything space-related at the Planetarium. There are also stone tools dating from 120 000 years ago, traditional clothes from the last century and authentic beadwork.  For more information about What, Why and Where, see  the Iziko Museum Route on the 2020 Arts + Crafts Map

For the full list of 50 Things Under R50 click here.

See also Cape Town Green Map.

Useful maps for more information about WHAT, WHY and WHERE see

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