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This year, for their Annual Wildlife Exhibition, the Cape Gallery take their cue from the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day, a day to honour earth and the concept of peace. The theme this year was climate action.
“May there only be peaceful and cheerful Earth Days to come for our beautiful Spaceship Earth as it continues to spin and circle in frigid space with its warm and fragile cargo of animate life.” - United Nations Secretary-General U Thant

The youth of today are passionately campaigning for the future of our earth, as our many of the artists participating in this exhibition. They are working to preserve our wildlife for future generations, both through their medium of choice, and by raising awareness of issue facing all forms of flora and fauna around he world for.

Participating artists in the Annual Wildlife Exhibition include

Noel Ashton, Lin Barrie, Edmund Barton, Hein Botha, Heidi Burstein,  Eugenia Campbell, David Cubin, Peter Diggery, Ant Fynn, Ann Gadd, Anthony Gadd, Peter Gray, David Hadaway, Margot Hattingh, Ian Hertslet,
Peter Höhsl, Barry Jackson, Robert Koch, Karin Kruger, David Kuijers,  Mandy Mckay, Adolfo McQue, Peter Midlane, Makiwa Mutomba,  Lisa Narramore, Sophie Nieman, Elizabeth Poulsom, Christopher Reid,
Joan Schrauwen, Frederike Stokhuyzen, David Thorpe,  Cobus van der Walt, Gerbrand van Heerden, Ian van Zyl, Ron Waldeck, Darek Krajewski, Steve Shooter, Nicolaas Maritz, Gordon Vorster

Botanicals and other Watercolours
Elise Bodley, Ron Campbell, Elbe Domröse Joubert, Jenny Hyde-Johnson,  Alison van Zijl, Nico Vosloo, Gail Darrol, Steve Shooter

Bowen Boshier, Heidi Burstein, Sylvia de Villiers, Diane Johnson Ackerman,  Ethel May Dixie, Peter Midlane, John Moore, Lisa Narramore,  Hennie Niemann Jr, Sheila Petousis, Heinz Pulon, Joan Schrauwen,  Deziree Smith, Francois Krige, Conrad Zander

Boniface Chikwenhere, John Ellison, Penny Gawith, Peter Gray,  Richard Gunston, Barry Jackson, Marco Olivier, Maureen Quin,  Bridget Randall, Rosie Sturgis, Christine Suzman, Steve Tugwell,  Francois Viljoen, Earl Parker

Ceramic Sculptures
Ardmore, Tania Babb, Jenny Chadwick, Theo Ntuntwana

Pastel and Drawings
Jenny Groenwald, Angela Key, Nola Muller, John Moor

WHAT: Annual Wildlife Exhibition
WHERE: Cape Gallery, 60 Church Street, Cape Town 8001
WHEN: 3 September – 26 September 2020.  Gallery Hours: Mon to Fri: 09h30 to 17h00, Sat: 10h00 to 14h00
INFO: T +27 21 4235309  I  I  Visit 

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