ART: Invocations @ The Cape Gallery

By philip
3 July 2013

Calling all art lovers. The new exhibition at The Cape Gallery, titled Invocations, opens on 4 July.

An act of ‘Invocation’ is predicated by a shared perception. This communal agreed upon law or belief system holds with it, memories, hopes & expectations. These are formally framed in images, writing or using a set of recognisable coded symbols, rituals. Sometimes the Invocation is measured and courteous, at other times impetuous and demanding.

An artist’s ability to invoke ‘life’ in a work, to capture the ‘spirit‘of his subject and communicate his intention to the audience depends too on his capacity to share his view, achieve acclaim and the support of a receptive public.

Shepard Mbanya

Shepard Mbanya

WHERE: The Cape Gallery, 60 Church street, 8001 Cape Town

WHEN: Art exhibition opening 4 July 18h00 to 21h00 (closes 27 July)

WHO: Tyrone Appolis, Loni Drager , David Etherington, Patrick Holo, Thami Kitty, Christopher Langley, Isaac Makeleni, Billy Mandindi  Shephard Mbanya, Madi Phala, Nico Prins, Arther Prodehl, Christiane Stolhofer, Rosie Sturgis, Jules van der Vijver, Vuyile Voyiya.