ART: Wilhelm Saayman @ Erdmann Contemporary

By philip
27 June 2013

Wilhelm Saayman – art exhibition titled In Season Five Everyone Dies – is currently on exhibition at Erdmann Contemporary.

Saayman’s work has recently moved from drawings and watercolours to larger scale oils on paper and canvas. His latest body of work investigates the very act of painting, exploring the emotive power of mark and line on cloth. Inspiration is taken from the power of erasure and vandalism; graffiti as a tool to create visceral marks and palimpsests. Neighbourhood message-boards and cryptic messages in public spaces offer further stimulation.

Restless and bristling with energy, these paintings engage the viewer in a very direct and tactile way. The work poses questions about our place in this world and simultaneously points out that our position, regardless of who we are, can never be permanent or secure.

WHERE: Erdmann Contemporary, 63 Shortmarket Street, Cape Town

WHEN: until 27 July

CONTACT: E or visit