Artist Lizette Chirrime at Re-opened Artscape

By MapMyWay
9 November 2020

Lizette Chirrime, Artscape
"The dress of grateful men"

Artscape officially opened its doors , 6 November 2020, for patrons with a remarkable piece of art by acclaimed artist Lizette Chirrime. 

The work by Lizette Chirrime critically engages with society on becoming active citizens, to stop gender based violence and to emphasize that the lives of Persons with Disabilities do matter.

Marlene Le Roux, Artscape CEO:  ‘The humanitarian acclaimed artist Lizette Chirrime from Mozambique created “The dress of grateful men”. This striking work of art was embroidered by 27 men on a piece of cloth as an expressions of gratitude towards women, to engage in a conversation on various forms of masculinity. Some men are chauvinists, some men do cry. Gender equality is about actions, working towards a society that practice humanity on all levels.’

Marlene le Roux, the CEO of Artscape Theatre is a tireless advocate for the rights of the disabled and the youth

WHERE: Artscape Theatre Centre, DF Malan Street, Foreshore, Cape Town 8001