Beauty / Skoonheid at the Breytenbach Gallery

By MapMyWay
8 November 2019

Breytenbach Gallery, Fanie Marais
Opening 16 November at 11h00 at the Breytenbach Gallery

Beauty / Skoonheid at the Breytenbach Gallery is a group exhibition with Fanie Marais, Riaan van Breda and André Basson.

The motivation for the Beauty/ Skoonheid exhibition, lies in the fact that too little people realize and see the true beauty in the everyday walks of our lives. Beauty needn’t always be beautiful, it can also be seen and noticed in the not so beautiful, in the ordinary, even in the out of the ordinary and unattractive.

Fanie Marais, exploits his surrounds, the people he comes across, nature, old age, grandchildren, cities and more, to allow us into his mind, eye and world of beauty. He works mainly in oil, but often ventures out by experimenting with other mediums. Fanie, a man of the cloth, a zen person, a philosopher and artist.  (See photo above)

Riaan van Breda’s work stems from the subconcious. A simple rubbing or doodle will become the most out of the ordinary figure. The successful fight against a brain tumour has brought a different dimension into Riaan’s work in mostly pencil and guash. His work strongly reminds of Judith Mason’s work and world.

André Basson’s furniture designs add a three dimensional level to the exhibition. A new designer on the block, not to be missed. He works in steel and gives antique designs a contemporary look.

Prof Chris van der Merwe is the opening speaker.

WHERE: Breytenbach Gallery, Breytenbach Sentrum, Wellington  7654
WHEN: Opening 16 November at 11h00
RSVP: E  or  T 021 8642988.