Beefcakes: How would you like your man?

By philip
25 June 2013

Service with a smile is the trademark of a camp burger joint that also serves good food, writes Laurice Taitz about Cape Town’s Beefcakes branch in Johannesburg.

Beefcakes started in Cape Town three years ago and opened its Jo’burg branch late last year. It had something of a relaunch with the renovation of the mall where it’s located — the strangely named Illovo Muse. For male, female, gay, straight, sexually undecided or just in need of a burger and a round of bingo or a drag performance, Beefcakes picks up where the rainbow nation left off. Everyone is welcome.

The burger was great — a little on the crumbly side, but I put that down to freshness. Beefcakes’ food is tasty and the menu caters for most, with plenty of meatless options too.

Friday night is boys-only night, while Saturday night is bachelorette territory — booked up weeks in advance. On the night we were there Ms Holly Wood had command of the stage and was hosting “Bitchy Bingo” and channelling Marilyn Monroe’s (she even did the dress-rising number) and Madonna’s early years.

Everybody seems happy, and it’s always summer on planet Beefcakes. And if you close your eyes, you might just hear the rustle of palm trees and smell the coconut oil.

Beefcakes Joburg: Illovo Muse, 198 Oxford Road. Phone 011 447 5266. Closed Mondays.


Beefcakes Cape Town: Shop 7, Sovereign Quay, 40 Somerset Road, Green Point.  Phone 021 425 9019

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