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Beyond 11 Days of Amazing at National Arts Festival

by | Jul 8, 2021 | Arts & Culture, News | 0 comments

National Arts Festival OPEN for bookings 8 - 31 July

Beyond 11 Days of Amazing – because going fully online the National Arts Festival has been extended from 8 July to 31 July. 2021!

A hybrid festival of the arts, anchored in their home of Makhanda, is fully accessible online and coming to you in cities across South Africa. So, you can  STAY SAFE and STAY CONNECTED!

The reimagined Festival will be hosted on the Festival’s website and visitors to the experience will be able to securely purchase tickets and watch their shows off the same platform. A new addition to the Festival is a ‘live stream’ element with shows being broadcast live into the homes of online audiences. The Standard Bank Jazz Festival is also fully online and features a knock-out programme of shows filmed in cities around the country and also features some amazing international guests.

National Arts Festival Online Programme

The full National Arts Festival Online programme comprises 96 curated works, workshops and exhibitions on the online programme and 127 shows on the Fringe. The new 2021 National Arts Festival has been reloaded and is open for booking HERE.

The Festival programme will, as always, feature both curated works and an independently presented Fringe Festival. Visitors can also look forward to a number of online workshops, events and discussions, many of which are free.
Tickets for shows are between R 40 and R100, but avid arts lovers will be able to buy a R1000 Festival Pass which will give them access to all the shows on the curated programme and Standard Bank Jazz Festival programme, or they can just binge on jazz with a Jazz Pass for R800. Fringe ticket prices, with 90% of the sales going to artists, range between R40 and R80 per ticket

Tickets can also be purchased directly from the programme page

The National Arts Festival’s Ten Day Lockdown Pivot really takes us Beyond 11 Days of Amazing from 8-31 July


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