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Cape Town Carnival 2024 promises to be a Lekker jol!

by | Mar 11, 2024 | Arts & Culture, Entertainment, News | 0 comments

“We invite everyone to come along and enjoy the gees!”

Cape Town Carnival 2024 promises to be a lekker party when hundreds of glittering, glamourous performers and mind-blowing floats dazzle you as they make their way down Green Point’s Somerset Street on Saturday 16 March.

The iconic event is a platform for creativity and artistry to shine – and also gives young and old from all corners of the metropole the opportunity to celebrate safely in the streets while enjoying the spectacle. Access to the Cape Town Carnival parade route is free, and there are also some paid ticket options.(See Info below)

Community groups, choreographers, costume designers and float builders are just some of the many roleplayers who have spent months working on the various elements that come together to create one of the city’s most quintessentially Cape Town social events. Firefighters, African beats, belly dancers, dragons, marching bands – you name it, there’s going to be something for everyone to enjoy.

The parade will take place on the Fan walk in Green Point. Floats and performers will make their way from the start point on the corner of Somerset Road where the Green Point circle is to the end point at Somerset Road and Chiappini Street.

Cape Town Carnival 2024 Programme

Cape Town Carnival 2024

Lekker Jol

  • 3pm: Carnival Villages opens, along with Carnival Village acts.
  • 6pm: The Parade Opening followed by the firefighters, Harley’s and more.
  • 7pm-10pm: The Themed Parade. LEKKER!
  • 9pm-11.45pm: After Party, featuring DJ Tyson, DJ Shannon and DJ Liam – in Carnival Village 1.

There will be food vendors and food trucks on site at the two Carnival Villages, which are situated along Somerset Street (Carnival Village 1 at P12 and Carnival Village 2 at Gallows Hill).

“The Cape Town Carnival takes months of intense preparation and planning, and then many more of bringing the concepts to life. So much amazing creativity, hard work and dedication goes into what you’ll be seeing on 16 March, and we cannot wait to share it with everyone,” says Cape Town Carnival CEO Jay Douwes. “We invite everyone to come along and enjoy the gees!”

Floats on display will include the stunning Technicolour Savannah, Umkhuseli – featuring the giant Ant – and the colourful Schweet. A crowd favourite float, the 7m Dream Doll, has been reimagined as the gorgeous proudly African Zwakala float. There will be 43 community groups with more than 1500 performers participating, each bringing their unique flavour to the event.

So get out there and enjoy the gees!

WHAT: Cape Town Carnival 2024
WHERE: Fan Walk – Green Point’s Somerset Street
WHEN: Saturday 16 March 2024 from 3pm
INFO: VISIT | information about road closures and event details, please go HERE See also Cape Town Carnival 2024 promises to be spectacularly LEKKER

Entry to the event is FREE. Tickets are available for seats in strategically placed stands along the parade route. Tickets for Cape Town Carnival 2024 are on sale on Quicket.

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