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Cape Town Carnival 2024 promises to be spectacularly LEKKER

by | Feb 20, 2024 | Featured | 0 comments

A window into a world where ‘Lekker’ is the law of the land!

Cape Town Carnival 2024 on  Saturday 16 March promises to be the schweetest, kiffest, and most LEKKER celebration Cape Town has ever seen!

A recent Cape Town Carnival Workshop revealed the spectacular inspirational new offerings that the team has spent the past year conceptualising and perfecting. Among these are the stunning Technicolour Savannah, Umkhuseli – the Ant – and the colourful, fun Schweet float. A crowd favourite float, the 7m Dream Doll, has been reimagined as the Zwakala float and is sure to wow the audience.

Each float and performance in this year’s Cape Town Carnival is a window into a world where ‘Lekker’ is the law of the land. Imagine a realm where the everyday and the extraordinary blend seamlessly – a technicolour savannah, a deep sea brimming with mythical creatures, a whimsical world made entirely of sweets, and vibrant landscapes of feathers and fynbos. Each of these fantastical visions captures a different facet of ‘Lekker’ – the joy, the wonder, the exhilaration. They are the physical embodiment of the word, translating our unique South African spirit into visual and sensory experiences that delight and inspire. This year, the carnival invites you to step into a world where ‘Lekker’ is not just a feeling, but the very foundation of a fantastical reality we’ve created together.Cape Town Carnival  2024

While the floats are always mind-blowingly beautiful, each outfit worn by the performers is its own work of art – lovingly, pain-stakingly designed, manufactured and altered to perfection by the dedicated team in the costume department.

Cape Town Carnival Trustee and international celebrity Jo-Ann Strauss says, “It’s just lekker. It’s such a great theme this year and we have to celebrate that which makes us uniquely Capetonian, so let’s just have fun. There’s enough sadness in the world and the Cape Town Carnival is such a wonderful chance for us to all unite, be together and realise the potential of the city’s creativity.”

Get ready to get out and have a lekker jawl at Cape Town Carnival  2024 on 16 March!

WHAT: Cape Town Carnival  2024
WHERE: The Green Point Fanwalk, Cape Town 8001
WHEN: 16 March 2024  at 6pm. Entry to the event is FREE but tickets are available for seats in strategically placed stands along the parade route. Tickets for Cape Town Carnival are on sale on Quicket
INFO:  VISIT  |  #followyourheART  | See also Cape Town Green Map


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