Cape Town prints 4th Green Map

By philip
13 January 2013

“I am thrilled to see it there and it looks great! ! very exciting…. yeah! ” says Wendy Brawer of Open Green Map about the 4th print edition of the Cape Town Green Map.

“2012 was a busy year for the Cape Town Green Map. Through it all we managed to produce our 4th Edition Print Map, with the support of the City of Cape Town’s Waste Management Department’ explains Arne Purves the Project Manager for the City of Cape Town.

The 4th print edition of the Cape Town Green Map is now available, with a focus on green by design in line with Cape Town being awarded the World Design Capital in 2014.

Waste and recycling is another key focus. The front cover of the map features three children disposing of litter in a Zibi Bin. The fourth edition highlights some of the City’s initiatives aimed at waste minimization, encouraging citizens to reduce, reuse, and recycle. The map features tips from Zibi, the city’s mascot for waste and recycling.

The Cape Town Green Map encourages people to live and play more sustainably and to make ‘greener’ lifestyle choices.

Cape Town proudly continues to be a leading contributor to the international Open Green Map system. The Green Map System has engaged over 840 communities in 65 countries in mapping green living, nature and culture with adaptable tools and award-winning icons. Thinking Global, Mapping Local! Cape Town Green Map was virtually present at an Open Green Map conference in Helsinki in October where they presented a power point presentation and interacted with the delegates in Helsinki, while sitting in Cape Town.

To view the map or visit Cape Town Toursim