Cape Town’s Love of Live Art Network Africa

By MapMyWay
15 February 2018

ICA Live Art
Live Art Network Africa 17 - 20 February

The Institute for Creative Arts (ICA) and Live Art Network Africa breathed life into inner-city Cape Town with a live performance on Wednesday 14 February 2018, in The Company’s Garden and at The Iziko Slave Lodge to kick-start the highly anticipated international LIVE ART NETWORK AFRICA.

Celebrating The Mother City’s love of live art, the inner-city public and tourists were treated to highly-acclaimed curator Khanyisile Mbongwa‘s powerful team of performers in iRhanga (Township Alleyways), immersing the precinct into a creative world of theatre often unknown.

Khanyisile Mbongwa: “iRhanga is a series of intersecting works, which investigate in abstract ways how iRhanga is the geographical location for radical black imagination. It unpacks the complexities and nuances of how black bodies from ekasi navigate self-love and freedom. Seen as demonstrations of black lived experience (rather than performances), the works require the full body in attendance, the black body needs to make itself available and present so as to intervene in its own becoming. iRhanga engages with sensory and cognitive experiences of everyday migration between ikasi and the city, as a “sustained exploration of the on-going, everyday traumas of dislocation.”

“Live Art Network Africa’s series of presentations and performances opens up intersectional critical spaces for engagement and examination while introducing Cape Town to works that challenges audiences. The festival is positioning itself as one of the pioneering spaces for live art on the continent and internationally.”

Live Art Network Africa Programme

Live Art Network Africa is a four-day international symposium responding to the salient questions surrounding the creative arts industry with a showcase of some of its most influential thinkers. A gathering of 30 delegates from 12 African countries, Live Art Network Africa brings together renowned artists and academics in a programme that blends academic presentations, performances and networking sessions from 17 to 20 February 2018, FREE of charge to all.

WHEN: 17 to 20 February 2018, FREE of charge to all

PROGRAMME: Click here

PHOTO: Jelili Atiku in ‘Come Let Me Clutch Thee’ photo by Ashley Walters