Cellist With Rabies at Alexander Upstairs Theatre

By MapMyWay
3 August 2019

Jemma Khan, Cellist With Rabies, Alexander Upstairs Theatre
Jemma Kahn’s Cellist With Rabies

Jemma Kahn returns gleefully to Alexander Upstairs in collaboration with South African theatre’s preeminent auteur, director Jaco Bouwer, to present Cellist With Rabies. Jemma Kahn’s utterly unique visual style has been a hit nationally, internationally and most particularly at Alexander Bar.

Only one person is known to have survived full-blown rabies, by undergoing a radical form of treatment called The Milwaukee Protocol. In this romantic tragedy loosely based in the sciences, Virologist Joan Remy is extremely skeptical of the Milwaukee Protocol. She is also in love with rabies.

Virus: What does it feel like?
Joanie: Sex or skin?
Virus: Both. Skin.
Joanie: It’s warm, obviously. Warm and smooth… like… an apricot that has been micro-waved for ten seconds.
Virus: I have no idea what you are talking about. An apricot?

Cellist With Rabies is a new work commissioned in 2019 by the National Arts Festival in collaboration with Toyota US Woordfees. Come and see it intimate and unplugged at your favourite performance venue in Cape Town.

The play marries the visual styles of the Futurist Jaco Bouwer and Luddite Jemma Kahn.

Separately Kahn and Bouwer have proven time and again to be most original theatre makers. Neither are afraid to experiment or offend. Both artists are recipients of the prestigious Standard Bank Young Artist Award. Bouwer has won numerous Fleur du Cap Awards for his work. Kahn…has never won a Fleur du Cap. Ag shame. These two voices come together for the first time to tell a love story between a scientist and a virus.

WHAT: Directed by Jaco Bouwer | Written by Jemma Kahn | Design by Rocco Pool | Pictures by Rocco Pool & Jemma Kahn | Performed by Jemma Kahn & David Viviers

WHERE: Alexander Bar, Cafe & Theatre,  76 Strand Street, Cape Town 8001

WHEN: Tue 6th Aug 8pm to Sat 10th Aug 8pm ; Mon 12th Aug 8pm to Sat 17th Aug 8pm  Duration: 80mins
TICKETS: R140 to R160 and are available online