Chalking – Infecting the City

By philip
10 March 2013

See how artist Katharina Forster focuses on the environment as part of Infecting the City.

Forster creates environmental awareness and an opportunity to engage, which goes beyond working and shopping in the city. She uses 100% water soluble handmade chalk, so that each drawing washes away with the rain. Every day they are recreated at a new location so that by the end of the festival there may be flocks, or just one or two chickens in surprising, but clearly visible areas. The chickens are life-sized and appear three-dimensional, popping out from the pavement. They remind city folk of something beyond their busy, concrete city lives, reconnecting them with childhood memories, previous workplaces or simply last Sunday’s delicious roast. Then they may find evidence or reason to become or stay vegetarian…

Dates: 14 March – 14.20
16 March – 12:20

Venue: Cnr of Long and Whale Streets

Infecting the City  A provocative, site-specific, public art intervention that resonates with and challenges people to connect with each other and the City, through art.  NOTE: Thinking the City Seminar Tues to Fri mornings; download Uncommercial Traveller audio tour from Festiva website; MP3 plugins available from Festival HQ @ 6 Spin St.

via Cape Town Green Map