Drive Through Art Gallery in Maine, USA

By MapMyWay
9 May 2020

Drive Through Art Gallery
Gallery owner takes art collection outside for customers

A Drive Through Art Gallery is a creative response to the COVID-19 lockdown scenario.  In Lovell, Maine, an art gallery can’t let customers inside, but that’s not stopping them from selling some magnificent art pieces.

Harvest Gold owner Linda Rasco figured, if it works for banks, movies and restaurants, why not give a drive-thru art gallery a try?

“I invite people who are on their essential journeys to get whatever they need to just drive through and look at the art,” Rasco said.

Rosco said she’s thrilled by the response so far. In her first two Saturdays, dozens of cars have pulled in, many expressing their thanks for her idea.

“It was so much fun. Everyone was smiling and just so happy to see some color,” she said.

Although the bulk of Rosco’s business is still inside and closed to the public, she said seeing her neighbors smile has lifted her spirits.

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Would this work locally?