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Humankind's relationship with the natural world

Ebb & Foliage is an alternative photographic exhibition showcasing two bodies of work that both explore ideas of nature and humankind’s relationship with the natural world.

At Low Tide: an absence of water, and abundance of plastic; is a collection of works that Chloe Obermeyer submitted for her Masters in Visual Art. It uses the analogy of a low tide to unite Obermeyer’s interests in Cape Towns coastline, marine plastic pollution, and the experience of navigating water shortages while creating water-dependent artworks.

Matt Slater’s body of work ‘Autumnal Glimpses’ gazes at the landscape and all of its organic components, utilizing physical debris from these environments to alter the surfaces of the works.

Together, these bodies of works speak to land and sea, ebb and foliage. Both Obermeyer and Slater work with historical photographic techniques that utilize light-sensitive chemistry and surfaces to create photographic images. These may result from the use of either negatives or physical debris, both allowing light to document a presence upon a sensitized surface.

Additionally, Obermeyer will be having a Cyanotype Workshop in the space, with spots still available for Saturday, 2 October.
Click HERE to find out more about the workshops.

WHAT: Ebb & Foliage
WHERE: Spin Street Gallery, 6 Spin Street, Cape Town 8001
WHEN: until 2 October 2021

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