Feminist Utopia at Ebony/Curated

By MapMyWay
8 September 2020

Feminist Utopia, Ebony/Curated
Group Exhibition Curated by Anelisa Mangcu

Feminist Utopia, curated by Anelisa Mangcu, at Ebony/Curated includes artists: Kimathi Mafafo, Akudzwe Elsie Chiwa, Haneem Christian, Anico Mostert, Emma Blencowe, Yonela Makoba and Gemma Shepherd.

Feminist critics often reflect a rigid and monolithic patriarchal perspective which frequently depicts feminism as a movement that stems from a group of ‘angry women’ and ‘ungrateful women’. This reflects the patriarchal resistance of gender equity within a social, political and economic structure. The persistent othering and policing of femme bodies, reinforces patriarchal privileges, which oppose engaging feminist and womanist discourses.

This exhibition, Feminist Utopia, highlights why feminism and womanism is pertinent in the contemporary.

Feminist Utopia, Ebony/Curated

Reflections III | Kimathi Mafafo

Feminist utopia challenges social indoctrinations, by confronting theoretical assumptions of the femme and gender non-conforming bodies role, the social contract and the undeniable narrative of a nuclear family romance assigned at birth. With this exhibition, the artists mediate on the rigid social structures and speculate on a shared future from a more nuanced perspective.

A digital catalogue will be available on request from Thurs. 10th September – Request HERE

COVID-19 PROTOCOLS: “The fight against COVID-19 continues – we are therefore not allowing too many visitors in the gallery at the same time. Kindly let us know when you would like to visit by emailing marius@ebonycurated.com in order to book a time slot. Please wear a mask when visiting us; we will ensure that all safety protocols are in place on our side.  We look forward to welcoming you.”

WHAT: Feminist Utopia curated by Anelisa Mangcu
WHERE: EBONY CAPE TOWN, 67 Loop Street, Cape Town 8001
WHEN: Exhibition preview days: 9th-11th September 2020 – 10am to 5pm. 12th September 2020 – 10am to 1pm until 9th October 2020.

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PHOTO: Creed | Emma Blencowe – Food Colouring and Edible Glitter on Museum Board | 2020 | 100cm x 50cm

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Reflections III | Kimathi Mafafo
Hand and Machine Embroidery on Fabric | 2020 | 95cm x 70cm