First Trash Bash of 2020 – Rondevlei Nature Reserve

By MapMyWay
22 January 2020

Rondevlei Nature Reserve, Trash Bash
01 February 2020 - Rondevlei Nature Reserve

Join the Two Oceans Aquarium Trash Bash, at Rondevlei Nature Reserve, for the first of their regular environmental cleanup events in Cape Town for 2020.

“We want to do everything we can to tackle plastic pollution on our coastline and for that, we also need to cleanup our wetlands and other waterways… And we want YOU to join us”, reads the invitation.

“On 1 February, the Trash Bash Cleanup will take place at Rondevlei Nature Reserve – let’s help clean up our environment! It has been nearly a year since Trash Bash visited Rondevlei Nature Reserve last and we are excited to see how we can again help clean up this wetland area.

Apart from being good for the environment, cleanups are also good for us humans. Anyone who’s spent a morning with us, taking part in a cleanup, knows that it’s actually a chance to have a ball, to spend time with friends and family, to breathe in some fresh air, and to leave a slightly better, slightly more informed person. Cleaning up a wetland also gives you the opportunity to clear out plastic pollution before it reaches the beach, or the ocean.

Rondevlei Nature Reserve cleanup details

Why is it important that we clean up these wetland areas?

Not only do wetland ecosystems support a host of animal and plant life – but they are critically important for the survival of humans too, from the mitigation of Climate Change to the protection of human settlements from floods. If we protect wetlands, we also protect our planet and ourselves.

WHEN: 01 February 2020 Time: 09h00 to 11h00
WHERE: Rondevlei Nature Reserve, corner of Perth Road and Fisherman’s Walk, Zeekoevlei, Cape Town 7941. No 24 on the Think-Water Cape Town Green Map.
WHAT TO BRING: Sunblock, a hat, water (in a reusable bottle), reusable gloves (like the ones you’d use for gardening or doing dishes), and being a wetland – we would advise a pair of gumboots.
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