Gate69 presents The Three Little Pigs, an adult panto

By MapMyWay
11 September 2018

Gate69, Three Little Pigs
Gate69’s Trolley Dollies in a risqué revelation for adults only

Gate69 presents The Three Little Pigs as never seen before! The fairytale has been told at some point or other by a well-meaning parent or teacher hoping to impart upstanding values to millions of little grown-ups-in-waiting.

According to Cathy Specific that’s all good and well but, she says, “you don’t know the half of it – whomever wrote this menacing little folktale likely had his Victorian blinders on and skipped the juicy details, as usual.”

Fortunately, Gate69’s Trolley Dollies – who by their own admission have always had somewhat questionable morals – have read between the lines and will share their version of the story, a risqué revelation for adults only. Who knew that those dirty little piggies were in fact three boys with a penchant for dressing up as girls or that the big bad wolf was the original badly behaved big boy?

Cathy, Molly and Holly are busting their bacon to bring clarity to the tale and by the time they’re done there’ll be no mistaking what went down and what’s come up. Audiences are advised to get their pink rumps into a plush purple seat at Gate69 to witness the Trolley Dollies’ hamming it up!

The Three Little Pigs will turn the kindergarten myth on its head and it’s set to be a hilarious, naughty romp, running from Spring into the 2018 festive season.

WHAT & WHEN: The Three Little Pigs opens at Gate69 on 14 September with performances Wednesdays to Saturdays at 8:15pm with recommended arrival time at 6:30pm for a hug and a kiss from Cathy Specific and a mingle on the red carpet.

TICKETS:  R500-R595 per person and includes the show ticket and a tasty gourmet tapas offering. Book here or 021-0351627. Age restriction 18.

WHERE: Gate69, corner of Hout and Bree Street, Cape Town 8001
Gate69, home to the Trolley Dollies, is a one-of-a-kind luxurious and intimate cabaret theatre space hosted by Cathy Specific, everyone’s beloved platinum blonde bombshell. Her ‘Purple Palace’ is the #1 TRIPADVISOR rated theatre experience in the Mother City and one of the Inside Guide’s ‘Must Do’ list. Age restriction 18.

PHOTO: L-R. Holly, Cathy and Molly, the inimitable Trolley Dollies. Pic Supplied.