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The Great Optimist Race 2019 will be held on 19 October in the V&A Waterfront, during the Cape Town International Boat Show.  And the Two Oceans Aquarium is calling on all Capetonians and friends of the Aquarium to back its boat during the 2019 Great Optimist Race.

Great Optimist RaceBetween 35 and 40 Optimist children’s dinghies will be raced by local celebrities, athletes and members of industry to raise money and awareness for the charity of their choice. The race will be a FANTASTIC and UNIQUE fundraising event, spreading optimism and hope across many sectors.

All the funds raised by each boat will be split between The Little Optimist Trust and the charity supported by that boat.

The Aquarium’s own Ashwyn Davis will be sailing to raise funds for the Two Oceans Aquarium Education Foundation – a registered non-profit Public Benefit Organisation focusing on ocean education, conservation and research. From disentangling harbour seals and rescuing and releasing stranded turtles, to reaching thousands of children every year through outreach programmes, the Foundation aims to foster love for the ocean and to inspire generations of ocean champions to come. Please support this Backabuddy campaign.

Support the Two Oceans Aquarium Education Foundation Optimist dinghy in The Great Optimist Race and help them not only to make it first across the finishing line, but also onto the fundraising leader board.

WHERE: V&A Waterfront, Cape Town 8001

WHEN:  Saturday 19 October 2019 – from 12:00-16:00

Check out the video here
PHOTO: Brave Survivors, Caleb and Jasper, neck and neck for 1st Place!