Happy 24th birthday to the Two Oceans Aquarium

By MapMyWay
15 November 2019

Two Oceans Aquarium, VA Waterfront
Two Oceans Aquarium - half a million visitors every year!

Happy birthday dear Two Oceans Aquarium, Happy birthday to you!  We are delighted to share this news report from Cape Town’s internationally recognised Aquarium.

“When the Two Oceans Aquarium first opened its doors 24 years ago, we could not possibly have imagined how far we would come. Our scope and mission have expanded beyond our wildest dreams – and we have a multitude of passionate staff members, volunteers, visitors and partners to thank for helping us continue towards our vision of healthy and abundant oceans for life!”

And more good news from Two Oceans Aquarium

Celebrate your birthday with us!
“Exactly one year ago, we introduced free birthday visits to all South Africans. 8 087 locals have already chosen to celebrate with us – so we’ve decided to keep the deal going: South Africans and permanent residents can visit the Aquarium for free on their birthday or on one of the six days afterwards. We are your Aquarium after all.

“Another year under the Aquarium’s belt means more to us than simply displaying 8 000 animals to half a million visitors every year!

  • It means reaching 100 000 local children through environmentally-minded and sustainability-conscious education and outreach programmes every year.
  • It means rescuing over 500 stranded and distressed sea turtles, seals and seabirds.
  • It means putting on 1 000 puppet shows, doing 2 000 public presentations, and helping penguins climb stairs 9 000 times.
  • A year means pumping almost half a billion litres of seawater, doing over 4 000 scuba dives, and getting to know more than 350 unique species.
  • It means creating half a million memories, half a million connections with the underwater world, and half a million reasons to protect it.

Our team – the real heroes
Accomplishing any of this would be impossible without an incredible team of diligent and passionate people who care about the ocean’s creatures and protecting South Africa’s environmental heritage whole-heartedly.”

WHERETwo Oceans Aquarium, Dock Road, V&A Waterfront, Cape Town 8001.

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