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Sacred Nature Volume 2: Reconnecting People to Our Planet

Sacred Nature Volume 2: Reconnecting People to Our Planet (HPH Publishing) presents an array of thought-provoking words and evocative images from around the world, celebrating the wonders of our Planet while also providing a clear, vital message: “Join the fight to protect our Planet’s biodiversity, or risk losing these natural wonders forever.”

Internationally acclaimed wildlife photographers and conservationists Jonathan & Angela Scott are launching a Kickstarter campaign to produce a stunning wildlife photography book highlighting the wonder and fragility of nature.

This book follows the overwhelming success of Jonathan & Angela’s previous award-winning book, Sacred Nature: Life’s Eternal Dance (HPH Publishing), which won Gold for Photography in the 2017 Independent Book Publishers awards (IPPY). Drawing from the ethos of the first book, Volume 2 aims to engage people of all ages and backgrounds to reveal the wonder and beauty of our planet, instilling a sense of awe and concern for its well-being. As Sir David Attenborough said, “No one will protect what they don’t care about; and no one will care about what they have never experienced.”

Sacred Nature, Jonathan & Angela Scott


Kickstarter pledges start from just R100 with campaign incentives including Special Edition Fine Art Prints, the opportunity to visit some of the most exclusive safari camps and embark an African safari with Jonathan Scott, and a first for the Scotts—the chance for one-on-one virtual photographic mentoring to become world-class wildlife and travel photographers. If the target is reached, the book will be available from August 2021, featuring some of the most captivating and memorable photographs from the Scotts’ distinguished career as conservation photographers.

INFO: T +27 (0)83 327 3393 E | |

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