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Hilton Schilder and Ronan Skillen – Jazz in the Native Yards

by | Nov 13, 2020 | News | 0 comments

Multi -instrumentalists Hilton Schilder and Ronan Skillen will soothe your soul with sounds of tabla, percussion, didgeridoo and piano, in Jazz in the Native Yards’ concert series, this Sunday 15 November at Kwa Sec, Ny 138 no.52 Gugulethu from 4pm.

Hilton Schilder & Ronan Skillen

Born into a musical family in Lotus River, Cape Town, Hilton Schilder is the son of esteemed South African jazz pianist Tony Schilder and nephew of Chris Schilder of Cape Town’s ground-breaking jazz-fusion group of the 1970s, Pacific Express. He was given his first instrument, a drum, at the age of three.
He collaborated with Mac McKenzie in the 1980s to form The Genuines, a rock outfit that created the folk music of the Cape through punk.
Post-Genuines, Hilton explored his talent deeply into jazz as contributing composer of Robbie Jansen’s Sons of Table Mountain. In the early 2000s, he performed with The Goema.

Ronan Skillen has been exploring a fusion of tabla, percussion and didgeridoo since 2001. He has developed different hybrid percussion kits, which enable him to tailor his sound and create music for a wide variety of genres and collaboration
His musical journey started at the age of ten, with seven years of classical French horn training. He was introduced to the didgeridoo when he was 16 and a year later was given his first traditional didgeridoo by Ghanaian virtuoso drummer Emmanuel Gomado. This was Ronan’s first significant experience with improvised music and prompted many collaborations with other like-minded musicians.

At this Jazz in the Native Yards’ concert series, the two multi-instrumentalists will play original music composed by both artists.

Supported by Concerts SA, a joint South African/Norwegian live music development project housed under the auspices of SAMRO, managed by IKS Cultural Consulting, continues to support live music under these difficult circumstances.

WHEN: Sun 15 Nov 2020 – Live gig at 4pm
WHERE: KwaSec, Ny 138 no. 52 Gugulethu, Cape Town 7750  Map
TICKETS: R100 Bookings: Luvuyo on WhatsApp 060 960 8935
INFO: Luvuyo Kakaza C 060 960 8935
Facebook: Jazz in the Native Yards

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