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Looking at Long Street and Other City Paintings

John Kramer returns to The Cape Gallery with Looking at Long Street and Other City Paintings.

The exhibition was opened by Michael Godby, Emeritus Professor of History of Art at the University of Cape Town on Sunday 7 November.

“…having walked up and down the street, over many years I would always enjoy the kaleidoscope of colour and textures and how the play of light affected the look of the buildings at different times of the day or year. The light in the morning would be dramatically different to shadows cast in the afternoon” – John Kramer to Hayden Proud, former director of the South African National Gallery, in an interview, to be published in the next edition of Art Times.

John Kramer, Cape Gallery

Plaza Café, Victoria Road, Woodstock 2020

Those of you who have visited the Cape Gallery most likely walked down the Iconic Long Street and were struck by how alive it felt, day and night, always buzzing with the many Cape Townians who live, work, and study, in the City Bowl. Like John Kramer, you were struck by the colours, and textures that make up the areas many historic buildings.

John states; “My paintings are not about architecture as such, about structures that have been designed; instead, they have to do with buildings that have grown and matured over time, that show the ravages of alteration, that reveal their amusing quirks and peculiarities, with little eccentric bits and pieces added by their owners.” No project to be as fitting to the times as one that illustrates the ravages of alteration, which hit the world faster than any of us could ever imagine.

Every moment in time is unique, and you may be seeing something in a way that only you could, at that time, in that place, on that day. You are the keeper of that slice of reality. John Kramer has wielded his mastery of realism to share his slices of reality with us, in a way that only he can.

WHAT: John Kramer – Looking at Long Street and Other City Paintings
WHERE: The Cape Gallery, 60 Church Street, Cape Town 8001
WHEN: until 4 December. Mon to Fri: 09h30 to 17h00, Sat: 10h00 to 14h00
INFO: T +27 21 4235309 | E | Visit 

PHOTO: TOP Mountain View Café, Long Street 2021

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