Kalk Bay Modern welcome back discounts

By MapMyWay
6 July 2020

Kalk Bay Modern, Cheryl Rumback
Kalk Bay Modern Gallery Welcomes You Back

Cheryl Rumback, owner of Kalk Bay Modern offers you advice in their Framing Studio plus a 10% discount for a limited period. The gallery is also offering a 20% discount on Art-I-San Hand Screen Printed textiles.

Watch this video where Cheryl Rumbak shares her tips on how to frame your treasured artworks.  Not only will you get sound, professional advice, but also a welcome 10% discount.

Kalk Bay Modern, Cheryl Rumback

Art-I-San Hand Screen Printed textiles at Kalk Bay Modern

Art-I-San Hand Screen Printed textiles on the Roll suitable for Curtaining and Upholstery on Cotton Linen.

All Designs Available at a 20% discount.

Original San designs made by landless !Kung and Ju/’hoan living on resettlement farms in northern and eastern Namibia.

Omba Arts Trust, Namibia supports the livelihoods of these communities through the Sale of the Fabrics with the royalties received on the printed meterage.

WHAT: Welcome back discount offers
WHERE: Kalk Bay Modern Gallery, Olympia Building, Maim Road, 136 Kalk Bay, Cape Town 7975
INFO: T +27 21 788 6571  I   E kbmodern@iafrica.com  I   Visit