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A reassuring message from Fine Music Radio fmr101.3fm: Stay Safe, Stay at Home and Keep Calm in the Chaos with FMR.

“As the nation enters the 21-day lockdown, we know that listeners will be relying on FMR to provide Calm in Chaos and to be your friend in these trying times.

FMR will keep on air during the lockdown, albeit with a slightly reduced offering. Thanks to the loyalty of our staff and volunteers we are able to operate.”

  • Weekday Programming

It is our intention to keep FMR live on air but with minimal staff at the studios.
We also do not wish to have on-air staff travel home alone on empty streets late at night, with these provisions in mind we have adapted the schedule accordingly;
Monday to Friday:
6 am to 9 am: Classic Breakfast
9 am to 12 pm: Classical Choice
12 pm to 1 pm
Book Choice will be broadcast on 6 April.
Boekkeuse will be broadcast on 15th of April.
Live Music programmes will replace, Cape Diary and Kaapse Dagboek. In the Mood with Hadley Titus will continue to broadcast every Tuesday. The repeat of People of Note will continue.
1 pm to 3:30 pm: Matinée
3:30 to 5:30 pm: FMR on the Drive
5:30 to 7 pm: (Monday to Thursday) Classic Business
5:30 to 6 pm: (Friday) Classic Business
7 to 8 pm: (Monday to Thursday) The Jazz Lounge
6 to 8 pm: (Friday) The Jazz Lounge
8 pm to 10 pm: These programmes will temporarily cease for the lockdown: Composer of the Week, Collage, Music Among Friends, Symphony Concert and Great Interpreters. They will be replaced by archive “Concertgebouw” programmes.
10 pm to 6 am similarly, Blues at the Table, Jazz Album, Evening Jazz, Homeground and Sound Avenue will be replaced by music compilations.

  • Weekend Programming

The Saturday daytime programmes will run as normal, but when Stepping Out finishes at 8 pm we will switch over to music compilations. Thus, The Odyssey and Night Beat are suspended.

Sunday programmes will begin with Morning Has Broken at 6:30 am, Reflections at 7 am, followed by normal programming throughout the day.
When Invitation to the Dance finishes at 6 pm we will have pre-recorded material, People of Note, The Choral Life and FMR@theMovies, followed by compilation music starting at 8:30 pm and running through until 6 am on Monday morning. Thus, The Sunday Soul Sessions and The New Soul are suspended.

  • News Bulletins

Weekdays: We will have three news bulletins a day: 7 am, 8 am and 5 pm.
The 1 pm and 2 pm news bulletins are suspended.
Saturday and Sunday: We will have news at 9 am and 6 pm. The midday news bulletins are suspended.

Clearly this schedule is subject to change.
Stay Safe, Stay at Home and Keep Calm in the Chaos with FMR.

Tune in now to 101.3fm or live stream here