Kuijers & Babb Slip Into Summer at Cape Gallery

By MapMyWay
25 November 2019

Kuijers Babb, The Cape Gallery
Slip Into Summer - David Kuijers & Tania Babb

As summer begins, Slip Into Summer with the whimsical works of David Kuijers and Tania Babb.  As summer brings with it hot weather and holidays, The Cape Gallery invites you to celebrate the joy of the season with Kuijers and Babb.

Take a cool dip into the delightful world of two of the art worlds brightest and breeziest at The Cape Gallery.

David Kuijers

“Art making is a highly pleasurable pursuit for me, a compulsive obsessive disorder that I am delighted to have. It allows me to become more playful and bold, cutting out the world, and to slip away between canvas (or glass) and escape to a reality that is not responsibility-ridden.

The seemingly arbitrary subject matter like a cat’s thoughts on dogs (and I have a cat that has been my constant companion and studio fixture for the past eight years) becomes the fibre of life – a child’s excitement at catching a two-inch fish. Through art I can again as an adult, share those unadulterated emotions for a while, go into creative free-fall.”

Tania Babb

“My work is about people. People and their relationships to themselves, to others and to animals. I use buttery porcelain clay, which I feel conveys the vulnerability of human flesh and the human condition. It must be said that there is humour in this exposure and the solidity of clay juxtaposes the lightness of spirit. I try to capture, in the subtlest and most feeling way, gesture and movements that silently reveal inner attitudes.

My figures are archetypal and recognisable in their frailties and strengths. Venusians women sitting astride hulking African beasts, Rhinos, Elephants, seem to allude to a quiet, almost subconscious, strength inherent in the feminine archetype. I have great fun unleashing my imagination onto clay.”

WHERE: The Cape Gallery, 60 Church Street, Cape Town 8001
WHEN: First Thursday, December 5th, at 6 pm. Closes 7 January 2020
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