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Diane Harper, Sarah Walters and David Walters

This is an invitation from Sarah Walters Ceramics Gallery for you to join them at the opening of LANDSCAPE, an exhibition of paintings by Diane Harper, and ceramics by Sarah Walters and David Walters.

The exhibition opens on Saturday 20 November. If you cant make it to the opening, the show will be on until the 4th of December.

David Walters
David Walters has been working as a professional potters for nearly fifty years. For this exhibition he explores the theme of Landscape using an modern take on an ancient tradition of smoke fired ceramics. Working exclusively with porcelain, David hand throws his work on the traditional potters wheel, and assembles it to create his strong and elegant forms. These are then burnished with the back of a spoon, and fired. He then places this pot into a saga with combustible materials such as saw dust and dried seaweed and fires them in his electric kiln. The smoke from the burning materials permanently marks the surface of the pot, creating wonderful earthy decoration reminiscent of abstract landscape. Some of the pieces are then gilded with silver or gold and sealed with beeswax.

Sarah Walters
Sarah Walters will be showing both electric fired and reduction fired work. For her electric fire work she has used up to five layers of glazes and reactive slips, each reacting with one another and the clay body in the firing to create unique surfaces and textures that are influenced by the amazing mountainous landscapes of the Cape. For the reduction fired work, she has collaborated with wood turner Peter Nicole to produce lidded jars with hand turned wooden lids. Each jar is unique, as the glaze is influenced by the flame in the gas kiln, and the wood especially chosen to compliment the traditional glazes. Working with wood and clay talks the the elements found in the landscape, literally pots made of our surrounding landscape.

Diane Harper
Sarah Walters Ceramics Gallery“In 2018 I set up my studio in Strand, having moved away from the city in 2013 to live closer to nature. I balance the solitary life of painting with guiding at the Dylan Lewis Sculpture Garden. A tension is held between the wild and tame elements of the garden, which has come to fuel my work, through which I aim to express my experiences of nature. Moving between the mountains and water, the sea, is valuable to me, as are the opportunities to become immersed, even in the sky at times, through the magic of light. The harsh reality of urban encroachment on nature is strongly evident in these spaces, but I seek out the beauty for my paintings, not to ignore what’s happening, but to celebrate what is still here, what we’re losing, but haven’t yet lost.

The natural landscape is so much a part of us that when we see the sun rise or set, a rainbow or a thundercloud, we know that we belong here.”

WHAT: Landscapes – Paintings by Diane Harper, and ceramics by David Walters and Sarah Walters
WHERE: Sarah Walters Ceramics Gallery, 7 Wheelan Street, Newlands Village, Cape Town 7600.
WHEN: 20 November to 4 December 2021
INFO: Sarah Walters T 082 097 6337 | E | Visit 

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