Lemons Group Show at Art on Avenues

By MapMyWay
30 January 2019

Art on Avenues
L E M O N S Don't get Much Sweeter | A Group Exhibition

Art on Avenues is a newly established contemporary art gallery, showcasing works by emerging and established South African artists. Lemons Don’t get Much Sweeter is a group exhibition.

When one looks at a lemon the first thing that comes to mind for most is how bitter it is, we overlook the fact that lemons can beautifully compliment or enhance many ingredients or dishes. And so we can make a perfect comparison to human beings and our tendency to jump to conclusions and judgments of others without looking a little deeper to see that everyone has some beauty not always obvious at first glance.

We shouldn’t place judgments and unfair standards on others, rather we should appreciate them for the lemon they are. This doesn’t just refer to people but anything that resonates with the theme: to show the beauty in something that some or most would overlook.

Lemons Don’t get Much Sweeter – Featuring Artists
Sarah Biggs | Carla Botes | Claude Chandler | Caren Walsh | Geena Wilkinson | Joubert Stander

Constantly endeavouring to connect with a very wide audience of art-lovers, Art on Avenues presents works that are affordable in an accessible and welcoming environment.

WHAT: L E M O N S Don’t get Much Sweeter | A Group Exhibition
WHEN: Opening Thursday, 7 February 2019, at 18h30 to which you are invited. Refreshments will be served.
WHERE: Art on Avenues, Shop 5A, The Avenues, cor Drama and Caledon Streets, Somerset West, Cape Town 7110

INFO: info@artonavenues.co.za | 084 042 9229