The Maboneng Township Arts Experience

By philip
17 September 2013

Maboneng Township Arts Experience has been chosen as one of the projects in the official program of the 2014 World Design Capital. The Maboneng Township Arts Experience is a national public arts exhibition that turns homes in townships into galleries and the outdoor spaces into performance districts.

MabonengWorking humbly with homeowners and families in general to create a warm intimate arts environment in our townships. The annual exhibition currently happens annually over two days in 3 townships around the country.

The exhibition includes film screenings, visual art, dance, theatre and music. After 10 years The Maboneng Township Arts Experience has turned over 70 homes around townships in South Africa into galleries, exhibited over 50 artists and encouraged township residence towards art buying.

“This is based on our notion that the TOWNSHIPS are the epicenter of the ARTS around the world. Our vision is to end the negative notion of townships by 2030 through the arts. Townships will turn to great towns. We will do this by celebrating the simpler and closer things in life, like our homes, our families and the high caliber of community ethics.”

Chosen as one of the projects in the official program of the 2014 World Design Capital, it ceratinly meets the aim of bridging divides. “This is in line with how we always showcase how design thinking as an art form can be used to enhance and inspire our township communities.”

2013 is proving to be a jam packed year with all sorts of wonders brewing. We are proud to announce that in partnership with MAL and MC Weiler Primary, we will be launching the Maboneng Township Arts Library & Gallery.

Much of the year, however, has been spent preparing for the awaited 2013 Maboneng Township Arts Experience exhibitions that will be held on the following dates:

Alexandra: 27-29 September 2013

Gugulethu: 26-27 October 2013

Madadeni: 30 November- 01 December 2013


We are proud of the introduction of the ‘adopt a home’ system, which allows institutions and interested parties to adopt a home to curate. On the walls in Cape Town we have humbles like Rayaan Cassiem, Faith 47, Anwaar and many more. To top it off we have been joined by Plascon to launch the most amazing colour frenzy the townships has ever seen. We live here. The least we should do is make it look as great as possible. All we can say is – Get on that shuttle and make your move to a Maboneng Township Arts Experience near you.

As you arrive at The Maboneng Township Arts Experience, you will be met by a tour guide who will gladly usher you to the homes where you will be met with open arms. You will do a door to door visit while being creativley interrupted by performances on the streets.

In an effort to make attending the Maboneng Township Arts Experience convenient, we are introducing a shuttle system for the Alexandra (Jhb) and Gugz (Cpt) Exhibitions via the Ekse Tours website

via Cape Town Green Map.