Maureen Quin at The Cape Gallery

By MapMyWay
28 January 2019

Maureen Quin, The Cape Gallery
The Hunt - bronze sculptures by Maureen Quin

The Cape Gallery presents The Hunt – a selection of bronze sculptures by Maureen Quin, on show from 7th Feb. until 2nd March.

Maureen will be hosting a guided tour on Friday 8th & 15th Feb. at 11.30 am.  Please r.s.v.p on 021 423 5309.

Maureen Quin – Artist Statement

“My sculptures are not conceptual works, they are the result of deep emotional responses to the world around me. They are triggered by human relationships and predicaments and they find expression through the human figure. It’s difficult to explain the creative path. I normally start with drawings and more drawings, where I compose shapes and forms and spaces between these: on paper and in my mind.

I draw until I get under the skin of my subject – till I can “feel” that sculpture in me. After constructing the armature I concentrate on the shapes and forms in space – composition and silhouette – then suddenly the work takes on a life of its own – the emotional content starts to manifest itself – the dialogue begins, between myself and the sculpture.

This dialogue is essential for me, it’s a tremendous process of discovery. An adventure into my inner self. The sculpture acquires a spirit and a personality. While I work I’m constantly looking at the composition in space – the tensions within the individual forms and the relationships between them … to me this is the essence of sculpture.”

Title: The Ultimate Sacrifice 1999 Size: 930 x 500 x 490 Medium: Bronze

“My art is my life, and to evoke a response from the viewer is to share part of my life.”

WHERE: The Cape Gallery, 60 Church St, Cape Town 8001, TEL: +27 21 4235309, FAX: +27 21 4249063,
WHEN: Opening 7 February 2019.  Gallery Hours: Mon to Fri: 09h30 to 17h00, Sat: 10h00 to 14h00

PHOTO: MAUREEN QUIN Title: Pieta 1996 Size: 430 x 565 x 430 Medium: Bronze