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Meet Vendor Artist Cynthia Gogotya

Meet Vendor Artist Cynthia Gogotya whose painting “My vegetable garden” is featured in The Big Issue #309.

The art theme this month is Memories of a place you love; exploring colours of sunrise and sunset.
“Colour in painting is like enthusiasm in life.” Vincent van Gogh

Cynthia Gogotya
She is a mother of 3 daughters and a grandmother of 4 grandsons. In her spare time she likes watching TV and sewing. She enjoys spending quality time with her children and grandchildren. Cynthia Gogotya,

She enjoys art and especially drawing animals. The animal that she likes the most is a springbok. She sees animals as beautiful and they remind her of her childhood when she played with her pets.

Other Art Vendors in The Big Issue #309 include Lizo Qatase, Michael van der Walt, Solomon Masoso, Chwayita Desemel and  Nomkita Maphosa.

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About the Big Issue Vendor Art Programme:

The Art sessions are part of The BIG ISSUE Vendor social development programme.

These take place once per month on the day when Vendors are introduced to the latest magazine and have other trainings and workshops. They all happen on the same day so that the Vendors only need to come into the office once.

The Sessions are open to anyone who is keen to participate, there is no judgment on ability or experience.

Each session offers a theme for the Vendors to explore often inspired from nature and reflection on inner qualities and relationships.  The exercises are designed to warm, nurture and allow for free exploration. There are people who attend regularly and there is great joy when the pictures appear in the magazine or are sold. New vendors are encouraged to join in.