Open Streets Mitchells Plain Sunday March 31

By MapMyWay
29 March 2019

Open Streets, Mitchells Plain, Rory Williams
Talking Streets at Open Streets Mitchells Plain

Open Streets continues to explore, through Talking Streets, how plans for public transport could prioritise community cohesion and cultural diversity.

Open Streets invites you to join the mobility conversation in Cape Town, by walking and talking with them at the last Talking Streets of the season at Open Streets Mitchells Plain, which will see Eisleben Road temporarily transformed into a car-free public space. This Talking Streets walk is an opportunity to experience more of an Open Streets Day; to explore the street environment and share observations with fellow street enthusiasts.

The walk and discussion – facilitated by Marco Morgan – will explore the ways in which public transport could enhance social cohesion and celebrate cultural diversity, while delivering a safe and reliable service.

Marco is a husband, father, urbanist, activist and government (un)official with his foundations strongly grounded in skateboarding. He is passionate about the urban environment, but even more so about the people and the cultures that give life to it.

“Our current Talking Streets series aims to gather information about how people are using streets, and what the opportunities are for shifting to lower carbon transport choices in our transport behaviour. We are exploring topics around mobility and access, and the opportunities and challenges we experience in different street environments around Cape Town. The previous conversation, Talking Streets Langa, looked at the how children embody streets through play and the the ways in which Open Streets Days could catalyze better awareness around child safety in street environments.”

WHEN: Open Streets: Sunday, March 31, 2019.  Talking Streets: 14:00 – 15:30

WHERE:  Meeting point: Open Streets Info Booth, in front of Duneside Primary School on Eisleben Road

PHOTO: Rory Williams

Via Cape Town Green Map