Paintings by Richard Mudariki, at the Sanlam Art Gallery

By MapMyWay
1 September 2017

Mutara Wenguva - “Time Line”: Paintings by Richard Mudariki, at the Sanlam Art Gallery.

Richard Mudariki is one of SA’s rising stars in the contemporary art world.

This retrospective exhibition drawn from private and corporate collections, presents a unique opportunity to assess the development of Mudariki’s painting over time and to view new paintings produced exclusively for this exhibition.

Representative of a growing impetus towards figuration and social comment in South African painting his works been avidly collected in South Africa and are starting to attract attention in the United States the United Kingdom and Europe.

Overview by Critic and Art Historian Lloyd Pollack

On the subject of his art, critic and art historian Lloyd Pollack writes,
“Mudariki’s art is issue-driven: it addresses the violation of animal and human rights, corporate greed, gender stereotyping, censorship and rape inter alia. although such subject matter smacks of shrill, soap-box preachiness, the mise-en-scene proves so visually arresting that any specific political message becomes subsumed in a spectacular breughelesque pageant of infamy and transgression.”

Mudariki takes on the issues we are confronted with on a daily basis in the media and presents these reinterpreted in beautifully crafted narrative paintings which despite their sometimes grim contents provide one with the opportunity to ponder yet delight in his ability to render this subject matter in an aesthetically engaging style and approach.

Richard Mudariki Bio

Born in 1985 in Harare Zimbabwe, Mudariki started drawing at young age and by his teens his interest in making art led him to make contact with artists and teachers at Gallery Delta. He was astutely advised and he has succeeded in building a career in art ever since. His immigration to South Africa in 2010 provided him with opportunities and support to launch a full time career painting. He exhibits regularly in Cape Town and is showcased at art fairs in South Africa, United States and Europe.

WHAT: Mutara Wenguva – “Time Line”: Paintings by Richard Mudariki

WHERE: Sanlam Art Gallery, Sanlam Head Office, 2 Strand Road, Bellville, Cape Town  7530
WHEN: 22 July – 29 October 2017. Viewing time are Monday to Friday 9:00 – 16:30. Other times by appointment. Entry is free of charge.

INFO: For more information and appointment to view outside normal viewing times contact:
Stefan Hundt  T 021 947 3359 / 083 457 269 or E