Pink Map at Lisbon Conference

By philip
26 January 2013

Dr Bradley Rink brings the Pink Map to ‘Tourism in the Global South: Landscapes, Identities and Development’ a conference currently being held in Lisbon, Portugal.

“I actually arrived in Lisbon yesterday, and was told that my paper was chosen to be included in the book: Tourism in the Global South: Heritages, Identities and Development,” reports Dr Rink.  “It’s a re-written version of the Pink Map chapter from my doctoral thesis.  What’s been so amazing to me is the degree to which the narrative archive of the Pink Map–a point that you made very succinctly during my interview with you so many years ago–has served as a critical tool for analysis of changes in the socio-cultural landscape of Cape Town.  The Pink Map is definitely the belle-of-the-ball which is my thesis. ”

Thanks to Dr Rink tthe Pink Map is getting exposure in the academic world.  That’s a pink feather in our academic cap!

The paper presented to the conference will be posted shortly.