• Skermunkil Design Studio

    This small jewellery design and manufacturing company designs jewellery that is fun, quirky and sentimental, drawing inspiration from everyday play and from childhood storybooks. Skermunkil specialises in enamelling, sterling silver and antique cutlery.

  • Tania Babb Ceramics

    Tania Babb is an artist who works with ceramics, mainly creating sculptures. Even as her work evolves, it retains its signature iconography, making the work imminently collectable.

  • The African Queen Studio

    The African Queen Studio is a small creative business that specialises in creating unique high quality handmade products like chandeliers and lamps, using natural materials. Presently the African Queen Studio design team is inspired by dried Jacaranda seedpods.

  • Township Patterns

    This social enterprise comprises three underlying entities: marketing, growth and development. The primary aim is to create a sustainable vehicle for economic empowerment. Inspired by informal settlements, Township Patterns’s garments are vibrant, fun and easy-to-wear.

  • Urbanative Jewels

    Urbanative Jewels present fabulous jewellery for urban natives, featuring silver, gold, diamonds and semiprecious stones. All handmade, once-off pieces of the highest quality.

  • Van der Merwe Miszewski Architects

    Van der Merwe Miszewski Architects has completed a wide range of building types including educational, cultural, commercial and residential projects. The central binding philosophy of the practice concerns a shared dedication to the pursuit of excellence in design.

  • Will Martin Projects

    Will Martin is a designer and maker who creates functional and decorative handmade ceramic products. Martin is fascinated by ancient materials, and combines these with more contemporary, progressive materials and designs in his range of ceramic works.

  • Woo-Men Plush Toys

    Woo-men designs and manufactures cutting-edge plush toys in comic style for kids and “kidults”. The company is a micro-enterprise that employs women from from the Western Cape. Woo-men toys are quirky and colourful, come in different sizes and can be customised.

  • Zizamele Ceramics

    Zizamele Ceramics create vibrant African-inspired hand built ceramics. Originally a job-creation project, this group of talented artists are now exporting to many countries. Their signature product is the Ubuntu Bowl, which is a local version of the friendship bowl.

  • Cape Craft and Design Institute

    Cape Craft and Design Institute promotes the many gifted Western Cape craft producers and designers who create high quality handmade products such as homeware, decor, jewellery, fashion accessories, gifts and memorabilia.

  • Carrol Boyes

    Since she started producing tableware in 1989, Carrol Boyes has become a local and international art icon fulfilling her childhood dream to become a sculptor. Her headquarters is in Rose St but her huge range of pewter, stainless steel, chrome and aluminium products are mainly produced at her workshops in Limpopo. Carrol has a particular passion for the betterment and welfare of people in the community and workplace.

  • Clementina Ceramics

    Clementina Ceramics specialises in contemporary ceramics and designer crafts. Also one-off works by Clementina van der Walt who lives by the William Morris credo: Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful. Her ranges extend from functional tableware to architectural panels, in fabulous textures and colours.

  • Design Afrika

    Binky Newman has created a range of beautiful hand woven objects. Baskets, textiles and adornments are all organically textured: hand-spun cotton, river reeds, palm fibres and mountain grasses have been intertwined and combined with plastic, leather and glass. The result is both functional and visually exciting.

  • Ideso

    Ideso is a specialist product design consultancy. Its talented team have 13 years of experience designing, developing and bringing to market over 350 successful products. Award-winning designs span a number of industries fom consumer to medical and point-of-sale.

  • Indalo Project

    The Indalo Project is focused on original and sophisticated design. Prioritising “design for sales”, innovation and excellence ensures the economic viability of craft producers.

  • John Bauer

    John Bauer pushes the limits of what is technically possible in ceramics. A sentimentalist, he salvages antique crochet cloth, linens, and lace, and makes these materials immortal by recreating them, stitch by stitch, in porcelain.

  • Field Office

    The Field Office is a perfect blend between co-working space and cafe. It’s a no-fuss establishment with self-service, simple but tasty fare, and all coffees at R15 (visit between 7am and 9am, however, and you get any coffee for R10).

  • Haldane Martin

    Haldane Martin offers a sense of belonging to our world and the spirit of the times, by creating contemporary furniture that integrates, man, nature, culture and technology, with the human qualities of wisdom, love, and beauty The Haldane Martin collection consists of over 50 unique furniture pieces, all originally designed by Haldane Martin and manufactured under his careful watch.

  • Neighbourgoods Market

    The Neighbourgoods Market is an independent initiative founded in 2006 by entrepreneurs Justin Rhodes and Cameron Munro, whose aim is to revive and reinvent the Public Market as a civic institution. This award-winning market features over 100 specialty traders every Saturday, creating a weekly platform for local farmers, fine-food purveyors, organic merchants, bakers and distributors, grocers, mongers, butchers, artisan producers, celebrated local chefs, and micro enterprises. The market is housed in an old sky-lit brick warehouse and courtyard at the Old Biscuit Mill in the industrial neighbourhood of Woodstock, Cape Town. It is as much a source for farm fresh as well as organic foods and locally produced specialty goods, as it is a meeting point to enjoy community, swap ideas and stories, and become educated about what we buy and eat by going directly to the source. A calendar of seasonal events, specialty festivals, and live music feature throughout the year.