• Isibane Se Afrika Choir

    The Isibane Se Afrika Choir will blow you away with their renditions of traditional and gospel songs, their energetic dance moves and their warm and welcoming introduction to township life. Join them for a tour of Khayelitsha to get a local perspective on the vibrant neightbourhood they call home and you’ll get a chance to sing and dance too. Andisiwe Mbunje Gaqa started the Isibane Se Afrika choir 18 years ago with a mission to empower, inspire, and uplift the youth of her community in Khayelitsha. Their choir is a choir for change and Isibane se Afrika means “The Light From Africa”. The choir has been winning hearts by regularly busking at the V&A Waterfront and performing across the world, most recently in Poland, waving the South African flag high. For Andisiwe township life is all about neighbours. People caring for each other and sharing and exchanging food, love, and their experiences. Isibane Se Afrika invites you into their neighbourhood so you can experience this fraternity first-hand. They take you on a tour to hotspots like Lookout Hill and a pre-school nearby owned by a caring father in the neighbourhood. They also share stories with you at Andisiwe’s mother’s garage Read more [...]