• &Union

    Located in an historical building in trendy Bree Street, &Union is the ‘go to’ venue for inner city dwellers, creatives and the achingly hip.

  • Cafe Neo

    Opposite the lighthouse and two clicks from the promenade, Café Neo got the workspace/catering feel right long before other establishments caught on.

  • Field Office

    The Field Office is a perfect blend between co-working space and cafe. It’s a no-fuss establishment with self-service, simple but tasty fare, and all coffees at R15 (visit between 7am and 9am, however, and you get any coffee for R10).

  • Klein Rivier Cafe

    Delicious ‘Truth’ coffee is served from a hatch in the most beautiful courtyard in Stanford, shaded by a weeping willow and furnished with mismatching vintage chairs and tables.

  • Loading Bay

    Another communal table and this one’s almost the entire width of the café. This was once an industrial space and the beauty of it is the high ceilings, staggered floor levels (café on ground floor, then up you go to men’s and, finally, women’s apparel).

  • Long Street Cafe

    Not the quietest place of all, yet very vibey. For those insignificant facebook-moments.

  • Lunchworks

    This café/sandwich bar is perfect for early birds, as well as all-day CBD captives. It’s the brainchild of a husband and wife team, chef Jakub (Czech Republic-born) and local gal and manager Andrea. Happy hour: between 6.30am and 8am on weekdays you’ll pay R10 for any coffee.

  • Skinny Legs & all

    Like a beautiful urban cafe straight out of a New York fantasy, Skinny Legs & all is fresh, modern and cool.

  • Wellcafe

    There’s loads of space, tables aplenty, and it’s self-service: a mobile worker’s dream. Graphic designer Chloe Hopkins works here regularly “to be around like-minded freelancers” and often stays for breakfast, lunch and tea.

  • Yours Truly Cafe

    A new addition to the Long Street scene, Yours Truly is a trendy bite-sized nook, designed for express coffee drinking, snacking and email checking. The décor is slick and grey toned, with low-key designer touches and clever use of space. Sandwiches can be created on artisanal bread by customers and enjoyed with superior quality coffee.

  • Sinn’s

    A full day’s culinary experience – breakfast, light meals, beautiful luncheons and dinners. Owner/chef Thomas Sinn and team take elegant fine dining and give it a more approachable face with fabulous flavours, professional service and affordable prices.