Malcolm Kluk and Christiaan Gabriel du Toit decided to become a design duo in 2005, where the well known KLUK label became locally and internationally recognized as KLUK CGDT. Malcolm Kluk was born and bred in Durban, studied Fashion at the Internationally renowned British School of St Martians and proceeded in doing his final year apprenticeship with John Galliano. His counterpart, Christiaan, was born and bred in Worcester and studied at and graduated from the Cape Technicon School of Fashion. The two designers are well known for their impeccable style, graceful designs, and their perfect understanding of the female form and demur. KLUK CGDT has taken South African fashion to another level and has given South African fashion an international flare with their clean lines and attention to detail.

  • Chapel

    Chapel began when we started riding bikes around Cape Town and couldn’t find a backpack that we liked and was made locally. So we mocked it up, tried it on our friends, and started production on what is now our number 1 best seller, The Rider. This idea of locally sourced material is our foundational value and governs the whole design process. Everything used to craft our products, from the leather to our fine woolen lining is made here in South Africa – and this core value creates the type of challenge that our team has a passion to solve. We keep pushing with what we’ve got until it meets our standards of excellence and durability. Chapel is inspired by the joy of watching an idea come to life and the reward of working through a design problem until a simple, beautiful product emerges. All of our goods meet a local need. Each bag, sleeve and garment is batch produced in small runs that respond to current trends and most importantly, to the demand we see on the street.

  • Liam Mooney

    Started in 2006, Liam Mooney is a South African design and manufacturing company of furniture, lighting and accessories. We are passionate about creating quality products that are simple, innovative and that we feel are relevant ‘at the time, for the time’. In addition to our Signature and Micro collection’s, we also offer bespoke furniture design and interior design services. The studio’s work has been shown in exhibitions in and around Scandinavia, New York and London. We have also been featured extensively in the local and international design media, most notably, DOMUS (Italy), (Inside) Australian Design Review, Elle Italia, Travel & Leisure (USA), and Wallpaper Magazine, which named us as ‘one of the top 20 reasons to be in South Africa in 2011’.

  • Werkstatt

    Werkstatt is an artisanal design and development space that produces high quality, contemporary south african furniture. The small Werkstatt team, led by craftsman Mario Dieckow, creates high-end, wooden furniture for both domestic and commercial interiors. Using detailed construction, quality hardwoods and exclusive designs, Werkstatt pieces are simple yet sophisticated offering clean and contemporary lines that will remain timeless due to their superb finishes, durability and strength.

  • Vogel

    John Vogel has a design background in architecture and first started creating furniture as a student. Although he has worked in many materials, his strongest affinity is for timber and most of his inspiration comes from the natural world and the exploration of organic forms. Working with the pretext that the state of our consciousness is proportional to the quality of our relationship with nature, the focus of his work is to create simple and imaginative pieces which create connections between people and the natural world. His work is handcrafted and embodies a South African vernacular. It is also beautifully finished, functional and timeless. He designs, prototypes and manufactures in-house, and his Cape Town workshop is equipped to supply quality products anywhere in the world. He believes strongly in a sustainable business model: tree planting is funded from products sold and in time more wood will be replaced than used.

  • Recreate

    Using pieces of discarded junk, Katie recreates a unique, recycled range of furniture, lighting and interior accessories, each piece infused with its own previous character but with a new function. By blending South African craftsmanship, with high end finishes and her own eclectic perfectionist flair, Katie creates an original end product with a new integrity that epitomizes the very best of South African design. Katie’s style is always innovative and novel. Her trademark choice of colour, texture and finish give her designs an ever present element of surprise.

  • Saks Corner

    Saks Corners new showroom and shop is based at the Woodstock Exchange 66 Albert rd, shop AG14. We produce our own range of mid century inspired furniture as well as selling a number of original vintage and re-interpreted furniture pieces.  Seen us at Design Indaba? Come visit the shop or inquire about online sales and deliverys.

  • Gregor Jenkin

    Gregor Jenkin Studio is interested not in producing design or art, but rather in the physical act of creation and manufacture. Design is a by-product of this age old process: a natural consequence of the studio’s attempt to find the best way of doing something. The Gregor Jenkin Studio functions as a kind of engineering environment – a systematic workshop that sets out to come up with solutions to certain problems, whether they involve questions of production, space, or practicality. Each piece produced in the studio is a kind of feat in itself; the result of a search for a new way of doing something old. In this way, Gregor Jenkin and his small team strive to create functional objects that are at once thoughtful, and, by extension, thought-provoking.

  • Kirsten Goss

    Since launching in London in 2002, Kirsten Goss has poured her passion for unique design and unparalleled craftsmanship into every piece of jewellery she has created. Her irrepressible joie de vivre, sensitive attention to detail and an intuitive understanding of treasurable contemporary beauty has struck a chord with the aesthetically sophisticated, confidently authentic woman of today.

  • Cape Town Fashion Council

    Registered as an industry association in 2006, the Cape Town Fashion Council (CTFC)’s purpose is to represent, develop, support and grow the Western Cape’s fashion sector. The CTFC’s vision is for the Western Cape’s fashion design sector to be nationally and globally recognised and desired for its uniqueness and excellence. The Council represents over 900 members including local fashion brands and industry stakeholders within the Clothing and Textiles value chain. The strategic goals of the CTFC are to provide initiatives that develop and support the fashion industry in the Western Cape as well as ensuring that local fashion designers access, maintain and grow their market share.

  • Truth Coffee HQ

    “Flavour not bitterness. No sugar required” Truth Coffee specialises in producing Artisanal style coffees for the coffee geeks out there in Sunny South Africa. Come into our Roastery or Depot, buy online or get us to supply your Hotel, restaurant or business with a full consultation and find a solution to your quality coffee paradigm. We roast on a vintage probat with modern electronics. Why? The vintage roaster drum is cast iron, this changed in the sixties to mild steel. The cast iron seems to make coffee taste better. Maybe it is just easier to roast on, and that is why, although some say it is because the cast iron gives off radiant and convective heat. Why the electronics? so we can see what the hell we are doing!

  • Smith and Abrahams

    Smith and Abrahams General dealer and Mens outfitters ( S & A) is a tribute and update to the idea of the men’s outfitters that were a mainstay of the retail space in Woodstock Cape Town, going back to the early 20th century. S & A follows the design philosophy behind 2Bop which they term as ‘future nostalgia’-the phenomenon of encountering something of quality and value in the present that one knows one will look back fondly and cherish in the future.

  • Vamp Furniture

    Vamp is a wonderful space consisting of a collection of carefully curated rooms each of them brimming with beautifully reworked furniture and contemporary collectables.

  • Merchants on Long

    Start your shopping spree by stepping into Merchants on Long, a platform of carefully curated African designs – all locally sourced and sustainable – set in a charming Art Nouveau building. Everything in this store is vibrant and stylish, from the much-loved knitwear brand MaXhosa by Laduma to luxury women’s label Christie Brown. Before you leave, enjoy a cup of coffee in store or treat yourself to some eco-friendly Africology skincare products. Nearby gems: Kamili Coffee

  • MeMeMe

    MeMeMe is a much loved boutique and emporium that stocks the best of Ready to Wear South African designer clothing, accessories, shoes and handbags. The company was started by award winning sculptor and fashion designer, Doreen Southwood in 2001, with the goal of establishing an accessible and independent fashion emporium for South African fashion designers.

  • Infestation

    Infestation is a full-service graphic design studio based in Cape Town. Founded in 2000, we offer years of experience in multiple graphic design solutions – through branding and marketing strategies, publications, web and other digital media.  We believe in great partnerships, smart ideas and excellent design.  We are passionate about our clients, our work, having fun and great coffee. Come and visit us if you want to hear more!

  • Take Care

    Jessica Harwood took the leap into fashion four years ago, establishing womenswear label Take Care in late 2008. The range offers beautifully finished styles in jersey, knits and woven fabrics with designs centered on pure, soft forms and fluid volumes.

  • Head on Design

    Made from natural and often recycled materials, the sculptures are eco-friendly and exude an Afro-chic elegance. With over ten animals in various sizes, Head on Design explores the concept of loving or loathing animal trophies. Certain sculptures focus on endangered wildlife issues and are part of co-founder Joanna Orr’s Conscious Art movement.

  • Maxhosa By Laduma

    Using traditional Xhosa beadwork motifs and patterns, MaXhosa celebrates the rich heritage of the Xhosa culture through providing traditional clothing for Xhosa initiation rituals. The creations are modern, yet culturally relevant and bring Xhosa aesthetics into any attire. MaXhosa by Laduma is proudly knitted in South Africa with South African mohair and merino wool.

  • Milame Handmade Design

    The studio’s handmade goods express simplicity and playfulness whilst commenting on shape and form. Its latest project is a range of jewellery that has grown out of an organic drawings concept that Milame has been creating for the past four years. Milame also does commissioned work.

  • Mr and Mrs

    With their love for travel and treasures, husband and wife team Cecil and Sarah Jane Bosman opened Mr & Mrs on Kloof Street, home to a candy-coloured collection of lust-haves like silk cotton kaftans, dainty jewellery and block printed quilts. This store is absorbing; we suggest dedicating more time than you think to explore, as, like us, you’ll probably fall in love with most of the merchandise by Copelia, I Love Leroy and Sitting Pretty. Conveniently located close to Melissa’s, you can stop here for a bite to eat.