• Infestation

    Infestation is a full-service graphic design studio based in Cape Town. Founded in 2000, we offer years of experience in multiple graphic design solutions – through branding and marketing strategies, publications, web and other digital media.  We believe in great partnerships, smart ideas and excellent design.  We are passionate about our clients, our work, having fun and great coffee. Come and visit us if you want to hear more!

  • Cape Town Design Network

    Our vision: Design in Cape Town is recognised as a key enabler for improving lives. This is what we want to achieve: We aim to encourage and facilitate networking between different designers within and from different disciplines. We would like to bring designers together within Cape Town to speak as one voice. We advocate and create awareness about the industry outside the industry. We promote the use of design to solve economic, social, geographic, infrastructural and political legacy problems. We want to connect Cape Town design industry with rest of the world. We promote successful design projects as Cape Town legacy. We create a platform for expression within the industry towards local and national government. We effect change in design policy and perception of design in the public sector. We aim to become the authority in design in Cape Town and the first port of call for knowledge and reference to the industry. The Cape Town Design Network grew out of the Creative CapeTown Clusters initiative, started in 2008, which provided a platform for networking between dynamic people in Cape Town’s creative industries, and stimulating innovative partnerships for economic and social development. Cape Town’s design industry is fragmented, with limited Read more [...]