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Curated Maps

Printed Maps

We’ve been creating maps for years.
Here are some free maps to download. 

Art, Craft & Museums

Find your way to the museums and galleries in and around Cape Town and get to grips with South Africa’s dynamic art scene.

Cape Town Coastal Map

Cape Town is world renowned for its beaches and scenic coastal drives. The coastline extends for 307 km around the Cape.

Think Water Cape Town Green Map

Find local resources and join the green map community to engage more effectively around using the Cape Town Green Map to promote “green” as an informed lifestyle choice.

Green Wine Route

No matter your taste in wine, whether you prefer a crisp Sauvignon or a spicy, full-bodied Shiraz, if you care about the environment, you’ll be interested in these ‘green’ wines.

The Darwin Trail

Charles Darwin visited the Cape between 31 May and 18 June 1836. THE DARWIN TRAIL takes you on a wonderfully scenic journey into history.

Jewish Cape Town Map

Trace and explore Jewish heritage in Cape Town & surrounds.

Cape Town Green Map

Use the Cape Town Green Map to make greener lifestyle choices and experience the Mother City’s wealth of sustainable resources.