‘Projected Heritage’ by by Elizabeth Miller-Vermeulen at IS Art Gallery

By MapMyWay
23 April 2018

IS Art Gallery, Elizabeth Miller-Vermeulen
Finding Light with Elizabeth Miller-Vermeulen at IS Art Gallery

The exhibition meaningfully titled ‘Projected Heritage’ will be opening at IS Art Gallery on Sunday 6th of May, 2018 featuring paintings by Elizabeth Miller-Vermeulen.

In today’s increasingly divided society, with individuals being all the more distanciated in day-to-day, ‘real-world’ interaction, it is easy to reflect fondly on visions of the past – the traditional ways, the authenticity and the soul. But what enchants us so to always look back? To romanticise what was and to yearn for a renaissance?

We all seek a single underlying truth, a reality that connects us all, a harmony – but what could this possibly be? Different creeds, different cultures, different languages, different religions, different skin colours – difference. We are exactly that – all different and unique in our own personal ways? Indeed, our differences are undeniable, but we must seek to establish mutual ground in order to all thrive within the confines of the singular space we share. We must seek communication among these bold differences – a bridge between us, as it were.

Art, through visual medium, is and will remain one of the last sanctuaries for communication among individuals – irrespective of the differences that may stand between them.

We live in an age where hand written letters, hard-copy books and face-to-face conversation have started to fade slowly to the peripherals. And even when they do inevitably fade into their ultimate doom – destined to museum walls and myth – followed shortly by the electronic media which had so abruptly replaced them, Art as an institution will stand as a shrine to our long forgotten inter-connectedness, our shared heritage.

Art has always played custodian to our collective stories – long before understandable language or script, the dreams of our ancestors were projected onto cave walls. Art in all of its multifarious forms is an inherently human pursuit.

Art is transcendent and timeless – it will always form the medium of choice for us to project our shared heritage and tell the story of us.

It is through such artistic expression, that Elizabeth Miller-Vermeulen seeks to explore this shared heritage in her most recent exhibition, titled: ‘Projected Heritage.’

‘Projected Heritage’ at IS Art Gallery

In ‘Projected Heritage’ we see a series of progressively deconstructed visions of an individual (in this case, Elizabeth’s niece) intertwined amongst remnants of what is collectively known as her heritage.

The series starts off with a fairly true-to-life reflection and progressively expands into a deconstruction of the notions encapsulated herein – a letter in-hand of a passed love one, the patterns of birds adorning a hand-embroidered heirloom cloth, the fallen leaves of an oak tree – all systematically becoming pivotal motives. Focus is increasingly placed on construct, leading to the milieu inevitably overthrowing the now unidentifiable individual in favour of a portrayal of a projected heritage.

By using art as her medium of communication, she has given her visionary pursuit a timeless nature. Employing a form of communication that is transcendent – in past, present, and future, it shall inevitably resonate.

WHERE: IS Art, 11 Huguenot Street, Franschhoek 8044

WHEN: 6th of May until mid June, 2018.

INFO: gallery@isart.co.za or 021 876 2071.

Words and photography by Hendrik Theron for IS Art.